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[Santa's OFFICIAL News Source]
[Santa's OFFICIAL News Source]

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Santa's favorite crafts

Color your favorite picture.
Instructions: Click on picture you want to color. Print it. Color it. Hang on Fridge.

[Ali Elf] [Ali Elf] [Gizmo Elf] [Jiller Elf]

[Jiller Elf] [Santa Claus] [Santa Claus] [Waldo Elf]

[Waldo Elf] [Waldo Elf]

[Dasher] [Dancer] [Prancer] [Vixen]

[Comet] [Cupid] [Donder] [Blitzen]


Fabric Angels
Make your very own Angel to help decorate your home.
Cool Photo Frames
Here's a great way to show off a bit. Be sure to put a picture of yourself into it when you're done.
Jingle Bells
Let the bells chime for Christmas with these decorative bells.
Holiday Napkin Rings
Here's a way to help for dinner time and get into the holiday spirit at the same time!
Snowman Advent Calendar
Now you can count down the days to Christmas with this brilliant Snowman Advent Calender.
Decorative Wreaths
Here's something that you can hang on the door, and it's a whole lot of fun to make.
Pine Cone Tree Decorations
These are fun and simple to make; they also look GREAT on a Christmas tree or on the table.
Bead Garland
Real fun! You can make a holiday necklace, bracelet or a really big one to go around the tree. Tell your teacher this would make a great school project.
Christmas Card Holder
Now you can help show off the holiday cards you you get... or make!
Paper Chains
A holiday favorite! Get some friends to help and make a really long one!


[Snowball Fight] [Christmas Tree Game] [Bubble Trouble]

[Christmas Tiles] [Digital Hockey]

[Can you help Griff Elf get to the North Pole? - Click Here!] [Hank Elf is lost! Click here to help him get to the North Pole] [Jimminey Elf needs your help to get to the North Pole. - Click Here - HURRY!] [Please help Melvin Elf get back to the North Pole - Click Here to Help!]
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