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Super Secret Sunday Final

Case of the Missing List Solved


by Super Secret Jack Spinner

[Super Secret Sunday Final]
Last time on Super Secret Sundays. Let’s go see who is at the door; maybe it is your missing Christmas Wish List? OH MY GOSH, could it be? No, it can’t be. Really, it’s you? IT’S MONTY THE MOUNTIE! 1…2…3… HELLO MONTY! . “I couldn’t help but notice some commotion over at the Super Secret residence. Are you two looking for something, because I think I can help?” says Monty. “I have this new device called the Monty Sniffer. It’s a machine that can sniff out Christmas Wish Lists”. Gurglegrowlgurglegrowlgurglegrowl… “It found something all right” yelled Monty.


“Looks like it found my appetite,” laughs Monty. “The Monty Sniffer seems to have picked up the smell of your delicious Super Secret Cookies. Maybe there is something wrong with my Monty Sniffer” Monty said. Well, while we’re here, maybe we should all have some of my Super Secret Cookies. I know Monty the Mountie wouldn’t mind having some. You can hear his stomach growling from across the room. Gurglegrowlgurglegrowlgurglegrowl … Now my stomach is talking. Looks like it is time for a cookie and milk break. How many cookies would you like Monty? “I’ll take 5, one for each time my stomach growled,” laughed Monty. How many cookies would you like Kosmic Kid? “I’ll take 3. I really love Super Secret Cookies, they are delicious” says the Kosmic Kid. I’ll have the rest, looks like that’s 5 for Monty, 3 for the Kosmic Kid, a glass of milk for each of you, and that leaves 48 cookies for me and one really tall glass of milk. Time to eat! 15 minutes later…

Oh no, I don’t feel so good! “That’s because you should never eat that many cookies Super Secret Jack” Monty said. “Yeah, that’s a lot of Super Secret Cookies to eat, plus you had a big glass of milk,” says the Kosmic Kid. OH NO, WATCH OUT!

[by Super Secret Jack Spinner] BUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRPPPPPPPP!!! “Hey look, my Christmas Wish List just flew out of your mouth when you burped” screamed the Kosmic Kid. “Looks like my Monty Sniffer is working correctly. The Kosmic Kid’s Christmas Wish List must have some how gotten into the Super Secret cookie batter. Let’s chase after that letter. Looks like it’s heading outside” said Monty. It’s time for a Super Secret chase scene… “Wait, what are you suppose to say Super Secret?” asked the Kosmic Kid. What do you mean what am I suppose to say? “We’re not going anywhere, until you say excuse me” said the Kosmic Kid. Oh, that’s right, I’m sorry. Excuse me. “After that letter” yells Monty.

Look, it’s going out the front door. Let’s go after it. “Oh no, it’s getting away, my Christmas Wish List!” Kosmic Kid yelled. Oh no, watch out. BAM! What happened? “Looks like we all ran into each other” said Tracey the Mail Carrier. “Hey, what’s that in your hand Kosmic Kid?” asked Tracey “WOW, it’s my Christmas Wish List,” yelled the Kosmic Kid. Well what do you know, just in the nick of time. “Tracey the Mail Carrier, can you take my Christmas Wish List and make sure it gets to Santa in time for Christmas?” asked the Kosmic Kid. “Absolutely Kosmic Kid. You got to me just in time. I’m heading there next,” said Tracey. “All of you look like you are out of breath and rushing around. What’s going on?” said Tracey the Mail Carrier. “Oh… nothing at all. Just another ordinary day in the Super Secret household” said the Kosmic Kid, as everyone laughed. Merry Christmas Everyone. THE END…

Super Secret Jack Spinner the Specialized Sleuth and of course the Kosmic Kid really hope you enjoyed the CASE OF THE MISSING CHRISTMAS WISH LIST. Until next time Have a Very Merry Christmas, be safe and have fun.

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[The North Pole Times News Team]

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