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School of Wonders Elves Graduate

A Time for Elf Celebrations


by Professor Ellie Elf

[School of Wonders Elves Graduate ]
Graduation is an elf’s favorite day at school. After all, it is the day we are rewarded for all of our hard schoolwork. And best of all, the entire North Pole joins together to have a huge celebration (and elves love a good party!).

We start the day with a walk called the “March to Ceremonies.” At nine o’clock, the school bell rings and our animal friends start making music: the reindeer clicking their hooves against the sidewalks, the northern seals barking, and the snow-sparrows tweeting in their sweet, high voices. We march along the streets all the way from Santa's School of Wonders to the North Pole itself – that is, to the pole at the very center of town.

We have our graduation ceremony right in the center of town. Every elf steps forward to receive a diploma that shows all he or she has learned at school. We have so many elves that this part of the day can be long, so we all wear peppermint graduation caps, which we are allowed to eat anytime we want. After the last elf receives his diploma, the elves cheer, the animals ring bells, and Santa’s reindeer drop ice confetti from the sky. Everything sparkles as if by magic.

The day ends with parties and activities all over the North Pole. We have sledding matches, go ice skating on a local glacier, and the reindeer offer all the elves free sky rides (and boy are those rides scary!). We get to eat all of our favorite foods (See Mrs. Claus’ recipes on this site). Most of all, we get to be thankful for all that we’ve been able to learn. It’s a wonderful day for fun before we get back to finishing all of our toys. Get your Own Diploma!

[by Professor Ellie Elf] At Santa's School of Wonders, we have to prove we can build a toy to get a diploma. But, for a short time, you have the chance of getting a special honorary diploma just for learning about our school. Take the quiz below and then click the highlighted link. If you passed the test, you’ll get an honorary diploma that you can print it out and complete with your own information. You might even want to frame it to remember your friends at elf school!

1.The School of Wonders is the only school dedicated to:
  a. Snow Making
  b. Halloween
  c. Flying Sleighs
  d. Christmas

2. At school, we take classes about: (Select all that apply.)
  a. Making Good Santa Pictures
  b. Eating Pepperoni Pizza
  c. Good Elf Manners
  d. Doing the Bunny Hop

3. To graduate, we have to:
  a. Do a special elf jig
  b. Make a good toy
  c. Wash Santa’s laundry
  d. Clean the reindeer house

4. Do all elves have to learn about making toys?
  a. Yes
  b. No
  c. It depends on what their job will be

5. Which statement do you think is right?
  a. Elves really don’t like school at all.
  b. Elves love school, but aren’t always good at everything
  c. Elves make the best students.
  d. School? Elves don’t go to school!

6. Who makes the music for our graduation march?
  a. The animals of the North Pole
  b. The Rockin’ Elves Band
  c. Mrs. Claus
  d. Hermey and the Hermits

7. What is unusual about our graduation caps?
  a. They are colorful
  b. That elves wear them during graduation
  c. They are edible, so elves can eat them

If you are seeing this line - you've PASSED!

Print the Diploma, sign it and hang it on the 'fridge for everyone to see!

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