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Tuesday October 21, 2014    

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Christmas Spirit Challenge

Elves Graduate at Christmas Celebration        
by Professor Ellie Elf   

[Christmas Spirit Challenge]
This Christmas, the elves have so much more to be thankful for! With the help of kids all over the world, we elves were able to earn enough “good deed” points to complete Santa’s Saturday School of Wonders’ first “Christmas Spirit” challenge. Kids made presents for their parents, helped their teachers at school, and did all sorts of things to make other people happy. There were so many good deeds, we could hardly keep track! Of course, we worked really hard here, at the North Pole, to make sure we would have really good toys for our great helpers.

Santa let us know we finished the assignment right after he came back from delivering toys. Mrs. Claus had helped grade the assignment and had already made lots of extra treats to bring out at the Christmas celebration. How exciting to receive our special certificates as we celebrated Christmas together and ate the most scrumptious, yummy candies and cakes.

Even though Christmas is over, keep working on spreading Christmas spirit – it will make you just as happy as the people you help. In the meantime, we elves will be getting started on learning to make new toys for next year…after a mini-vacation, that is!

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All Aboard!
The other night, a few of the elves and I made homemade dark fudge and snowballs in Mrs. Claus’ kitchen, and sat down to watch my favorite Christmas movie: The Polar Express!


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