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[Santa's OFFICIAL News Source]
Sunday November 29, 2015    
[Santa's OFFICIAL News Source]

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North Pole: Serious Business

An inside look at Elf School


by Professor Ellie Elf

[North Pole: Serious Business]
Welcome to the School of Wonders
Most people don’t know the work that goes into making a great Christmas present. At the North Pole, it’s a serious business! Why, without lots of care, I could easily make a beautiful doll that says “Moo” instead of “Ma Ma,” a racecar that only sputters backwards, or a coffee maker for Mom and Dad that just makes coffee mud. Yuck! With bad presents, Christmas could be really awful!

Elves have to study hard and practice lots to make good presents. That’s why, just like most of you, we go to school. Did you know that Santa’s Saturday School of Wonders is the only one in the whole world dedicated just to Christmas? That’s the truth! We learn about toy making of course, but also take all types of other classes, like Christmas Songs and Music, Christmas Cookie Baking, and even Making Good Santa Pictures (for when we help Santa in the malls and stores). There are also classes in Good Elf Manners and Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. There are lots we need to know!

[by Professor Ellie Elf] Our school year starts right after Christmas, when each elf gets to choose one type of toy or present to study (like talking puppies or remote control airplanes) and then learns everything there is to know about it.. For our exams, we build our own version of the toy and our teachers test it to make sure that it works, is safe, and doesn’t break easily. If we pass, we get to attend a special toy graduation and get a certificate to make that toy for next year’s Christmas delivery.

We attend school all our lives, so we can make sure we make presents just the way kids want them. So you see, if elves didn’t go school, Christmas would not be nearly as much fun! But what about elves that aren’t good toymakers or who aren’t good at school? Keep reading the North Pole Times to learn more about the Saturday School of Wonders.

Take this quiz to see what you learned about our school!

We are the only school dedicated to:

1. Snow Making
2. Halloween
3. Flying Sleighs
4. Christmas

At school, we take classes about: (Select all that apply.)

1. Making Good Santa Pictures
2. Eating Pepperoni Pizza
3. Good Elf Manners
4. Doing the Bunny Hop

To graduate, we have to:

1. Do a special elf jig
2. Make a good toy
3. Wash Santa’s laundry
4. Clean the reindeer house

Keep reading the North Pole times to see answers to these questions – I’ll include them all in our last issue!

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