[The North Pole Times]

Waldo Elf

[Waldo Elf] Waldo's the strangest elf at the North Pole. He's not stupid, just very, very literal. He's the sort of Elf that if you told him to watch his step, you'd find him staring at a staircase wondering what the step was supposed to do.

He's always happy, always willing to do what he's told--it's just that he doesn't always understand what he's being told to do. He's one of the most likeable elves at the North Pole, which is his saving grace. Waldo's worked just about everywhere at the North Pole, but unlike Jiller, most places are happier to see him leave than to arrive. Santa allowed Elvin to publish the North Pole Times only if he put Waldo on staff. Even though he gets into trouble sometimes, Waldo has also saved Christmas on more than one occasion.