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[Santa's OFFICIAL News Source]
[Santa's OFFICIAL News Source]
Sunday November 29, 2015    
[Santa's OFFICIAL News Source]

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Mystery Sighting During Search

A message from Santa to the North Pole

by Eugene Elf

   - Published: December 8, 2012

[Mystery Sighting During Search]
Santa Dials In from the Field
Ater the disappearance of Reindeers Ajax and Scooby and of Waldo Elf, Santa and Holly Elf went out to see if they could find out what happened to the three of them. This is Santa's first email 'from the field,' reprinted here as a service for readers of The North Pole Times. -ed.

Dear Friends;

Ho, ho ho! It feels great to strap on the old cross-country skis again! There's nothing like pushing yourself through the quiet snowy woods on a brisk winter's day! Gizmo, I'd like to report that your 'Never Fall' skis were a success! Holly Elf didn't fall once after she strapped them on! Of course, she also didn't turn, stop, or avoid any trees, either. But we got a system worked out where we could make very good time.

The woods are so beautiful, I wish we could enjoy them, but we're on a very serious mission. With Scooby expecting a baby reindeer, or a fawn, in a few weeks, she really needs to be handled with care. I'm sure Ajax will do his best to protect her. And I'm glad that Waldo's with them too--Holly's been able to spot enough pieces of strawberries, and globs of mustard to make us certain that we're on the right track. Either he's a very clever elf, or a very sloppy eater!

[by Jiller Elf]

We've just stopped for a few minutes, because we've seen something very interesting--something that might help us a lot, or perhaps get us into huge trouble. I don't have time to explain right now, but I'll try to write later.

I've got to go now. Love to everyone. Be good!


What did Santa and Holly see? Will they rescue Scooby and Ajax soon? Will Waldo run out of food to eat before Santa finds him? Keep reading The North Pole Times to find out!

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