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Super Secret Sunday 2

Second Super Secret Code Obtained

by Super Secret Jack Spinner

   - Published: December 3, 2016

[Super Secret Sunday 2]
Hi kids! It’s Super Secret Sunday again. I’m Super Secret Jack Spinner the Specialized Sleuth with my Mighty Side-Kick Zachary the Kosmic Kid! Tell the kids what we’re doing in Alaska today Kosmic-Kid. “A-de-ba-dop-a-do-be-a-dop-a-do” said Zachery as he giggles loudly.

As I, Super Secret, and the Kosmic-Kid walk around, we noticed that there is a lot of snow. That’s what we do a lot – notice things. Even though we’re on a super important Super Secret mission, we stopped for a moment to make a few snow angels. Kids love to do that and the Kosmic Kid is no different. “I love making snow angels Super Secret” the Kosmic Kid states. “It’s more fun than brussel sprouts.”

Still searching for the clue, we continue to walk along the very flat snowy surface when we noticed a cave off in the distance through the blowing snow. “Maybe we should investigate” the Kosmic Kid said.

A short time later we’re at the cave. “Oh boy! We’re at the cave.” Says the Kosmic Kid. “Let’s go inside and see if the clue is in there”. As we entered, the cave was very dark and wet, but there is just enough light shining through that we can see a sparkle off in the distance. “Maybe that’s our next clue!” the Kosmic Kid says. “Roaaarrrrrr”. I, Super Secret starts to giggle; I think that was my Tummy, that’s the sound I make, when I am hungry for Christmas Cookies!

[by Elvin Elf] ”LOOK” the Kosmic-Kid Says. What is it Zachary?... “OH MY GOSH…POLAR BEAR!!!!!” Oh hey Mr. Polar Bear, funny to see you here in a cave. The Kosmic-Kid and I are just searching for a clue. You haven’t seen that clue have you? The polar bear starts to stand up real tall, he begins to growl, and then the polar bear starts coughing “Excuse me” Mr. Polar Bear said. “I have a slightly soar throat. I didn’t mean to sneak up on you and scare you. But yes, I do know where the clue is. It is the shiny piece of paper, underneath that rock” he explains. “For you to get that clue though, you and the Kosmic-Kid are going to have to answer a Christmas riddle”.

Well, I hope this is not a tough riddle, because I am not good at riddles, and I can’t tell you why, because, well…that’s a Secret. Oh, but wait! I know Zachary the Kosmic-Kid is good at riddles, isn’t that right Kosmic-Kid? Zachary says “a-de-ba-dop-a-do-be-a-dop-a-do”. I know all my side kicks at home are good at riddles too! So what is this Christmas Riddle Mr. Polar Bear? “The Christmas riddle is: Where does a Snowman keep his Money?” the polar bear asked.

Hmmm, that’s a tough one, where does a snowman keep his money? In his wallet? I asked. The Kosmic-Kid and the polar bear start to giggle. “That’s not right” said Mr. Polar Bear. Hmmm, under his scarf? “Nope” the bear said. “How about you Kosmic-Kid”

And the answer is… “a-de-ba-dop-a-do-be-a-dop-a-do” says the Kosmic-Kid. What? Are you serious, I would have never thought of that? That is HILARIOUS! I can’t stop laughing. Did all of my side kicks at home get the answer yet? Great Job then, let’s have the polar bear ask us one more time.

“Where does a snowman keep his money?” says the polar bear. Alright everybody, get your answer ready, and again, great job for helping me out. The answer is “In a snow Bank!” the polar bear, in his deep growly voice says “That’s right, great job, you may have your clue anyway.”

The polar bear moved the rock away and handed me (Super Secret Jack Spinner the Specialized Sleuth) the clue. Oh my gosh, it’s another code. This is exciting. Well, thank you very much Mr. Polar Bear, but now we have to run. We will never forget you Mr. Polar Bear, you are now a friend to Zachary the Kosmic-Kid, me Super Secret Jack Spinner the Specialized Sleuth, and all the side kicks at home. Again, thank you! Well, great job again everybody, and to you Kosmic-Kid. I am going to have to give you a hug Kosmic-Kid, and a high five. And to all my side kicks at home, a high five to you as well, great job.

So the second part of the Clue is another series of numbers, and they are: 3, 12, 1, 21, and 19. (the code chart will be part of the last code we discover)

Now you have the first two clues, So I Super Secret Jack Spinner the Specialized Sleuth and Zachary the Kosmic-Kid are heading to our next destination to get the Third part of the code. We’re heading to Montreal.

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Hi kids! It’s Super Secret Sunday again. I’m Super Secret Jack Spinner the Specialized Sleuth with my Mighty Side-Kick Zachary the Kosmic Kid!

Hello there kids, my name is Super Secret Jack Spinner the Specialized Sleuth (you can call me Super Secret for short), and along side me is my mighty side-kick Zachary the Kosmic-Kid.

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