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[Santa's OFFICIAL News Source]
Friday November 24, 2017    
[Santa's OFFICIAL News Source]

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Gizmo's Gizmo

Inventer Elf Explains Appendapulator

by Gizmo Elf

   - Published: December 4, 2016

[Gizmo's Gizmo]
This is the Thing that does the Stuff!
Editors note: From time to time, The North Pole Times asks some of the more notable citizens of the North Pole to write a little bit about themselves as a public service to our readers. Today, Gizmo Elf explains how his famous toymaking machine works.

Well, Hello out there everybody! This is Gizmo Elf. I'm Santa's Chief Inventing Elf! In fact, I'm his only inventing Elf! Well, it's true that Waldo also does a bit of inventing too, but he doesn't always get things right. the last thing he tried to do was combine a plant with a rain cloud to make a flower that waters itself. It took a couple of months to dry the workshop out after that!

You probably want to know about my greatest invention--the Appendapulator! That's the gizmo that makes so many of the toys that Santa brings to all the girls and boys around the world. It does a great job of matching up the right toy for the right kid, because of the input process.

Three times a day, Smitty Elf brings me the latest wish lists, and Bernard brings me Santa's updated Naughty and Nice lists. The Appendapulator mixes those lists together, adds chocolate, and then divides it by a rainbow. This gives us the strongest possible wish for each kid. The Appendapulator then...well, it appendapulates that wish into the presents we give!

I know it sounds pretty simple, but there's a lot of work to do. We're constantly having to clean out the fun filter, and the smile-o-matic sometimes sticks. But when she's working right, the Appendapulator is the finest magical machine in the universe! It's at least eleven times better than the Easter Bunny's Hoppendipulager!

Well, I need to get back to work--the ribbon roller's running backwards again! Keep reading The North Pole Times every day til Christmas!

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A note from Santa to start the holiday season!

Happy Holidays, everyone! We’ve got some great news for all believers. We are proud to announce that Santa’s Post Office has been reopened. We’ve got a great new look with added security features to keep those nasty bah-humbug’s from hijacking our accounts.

It's that time of year again. Readers of the North Pole Times are in for some special treats this year.

[The North Pole Times News Team]

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