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Franny Flies to Alaska

Lots 'o Snow Here

by Franny Elf

   - Published: December 23, 2016

[Franny Flies to Alaska]
Hello boys and girls! It's time for one more Fly-About Franny Friday report! Say that five times fast!

Today I've landed my touring sleigh in the great state of Alaska. Wheee! Alaska is the largest state in the United States, it's only been a state since 1959 and it's really close to the North Pole; that means I'm almost home for another season! For Christmas, children see lots of snow, a ton bright lights, and not much day light. Some parts of northern Alaska see 24 hours of darkness at a time. Of course Alaskans hold Christmas on December 25th, but they start celebrating and decorating soon after Thanksgiving. Though Alaska is separated from the other 48 states a lot of their customs are like what we would find in the larger United States. Alaska is so huge that I'm only going to be able to visit Anchorage for the next few days. Anchorage is the largest city Christmas in Alaska and boy is it beautiful! Anchorage has a festival called the Christmas Village that have tons of displays and booths selling Christmas gifts made by Alaskan artists and craftsmen.

Some kids really love taking a holiday ride aboard the Alaskan Railroad. Some people have said they've seen Santa on the train, but I'm not sure if they're kidding. Families can also go out to holiday concerts or the ballet; I've heard a lot of kids say their favorite is The Nutcracker. [by Elvin Elf]

A large number of Alaskans have Aleut heritage, sometimes they're called Eskimos. The Christmas carols everyone sings include many Aleut words and traditions. When singing Christmas carols, children wander around their neighborhoods carrying a colored star on a long pole. At the end of caroling, the host family provides goodies to the singers, like maple-frosted doughnuts, cookies, candy and even fish pie! Fishing is a big part of living in Alaska and is included in Christmas celebrations. Oh my, time sure is flying! Christmas is less than two days away. You better make sure Santa knows you've been good this year and get to sleep early on Christmas Eve! Thanks for joining me in Alaska this week. I’ve enjoyed flying around the world to share with you how different children celebrate Christmas. Now Santa can deliver the proper gifts to boys and girls all across the world. I hope you enjoy your celebrations this year. Merry Christmas everyone!

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