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Friday November 16, 2018    

Cupid, Dancer Going for Gold

Who's the Most Graceful?


[Cupid, Dancer Going for Gold]

Welcome back to the Ice Palace and the Reindeer Games! The Ice Palace is packed today with all our hard-working folks here at the North Pole who can’t wait to see the final round of the Figure Skating event. Only 2 of our very special reindeer are left in the Figure Skating event, Cupid and Dancer, and the deer have strapped on their skates and will battle it out today for the third gold medal of the Games.

In the earlier events, Comet took the gold medal in the Speed Skating competition, and Blitzen won the gold for Ski Jumping. Today’s final will be followed by the Luge (really fast sleigh riding), the High Jump, the Around-the-World Race, Snowboarding and finally, the Cross-County Skiing event.

And now down to the ice with our very special expert for Figure Skating, Dick Buttonflake Elf.

“Thanks Bob. The atmosphere is tense here at the Ice Palace as Cupid and Dancer warm up for the final skate. Each will do their best to impress the Elfian judges, with their best skating and most difficult jumps. In the first three rounds, the reindeer drew figures in the ice, and then skated in the short program, and then the long program. Today it’s the free skate for the gold. It’s been a very challenging competition, and all the deer have skated as best they can.”

Ok, we’re ready for the finals. Each reindeer will skate a free program, and the judges will pick the winner.

Cupid is ready, and here we go!

Cupid’s moving quickly and gracefully on the ice, and the fans at the Palace are on their feet. Cupid’s ready for the first jump, and wow, it’s a Triple Backflip. Cupid went head over heels, backwards, three times and landed perfectly. The fans are going wild!

“I’ve never seen that before at the Games,” says Dick Buttonflake. “That’s the first Triple Backflip ever!”

[by Timbo Elf] Cupid’s moving well and ready for the next jump. Oh my, it’s a Double Santa, followed by a Double Axel. Very nice job. So far Cupid is looking great. And now for the last jump. It’s a Double Snowcone! Wonderful jump! A nice finish for Cupid and a very good skate. The fans at the Palace give Cupid a loud ovation.

The judges are tallying their scores. And it’s a 9.9 score for Cupid! Almost perfect! That will be tough to beat. Dancer is next. This is it! This is the final skate of the Figure Skating competition. Dancer’s on the ice, and here we go. “Dancer will need something special to win this, Bob. Let’s see what Dancer can do!”

Here’s the first jump. Oh my, it’s a Triple Snowcone, followed by a Double Axel. Superb job by Dancer, who’s moving very well. Dancer’s gliding smoothly on the ice, moving very gracefully. The fans sense something big coming. What could it be? Here we go, ready for the second jump. Super, a perfectly done Double Fleming. Very nice jump for Dancer!

“I’m not sure that’s enough, Bob. Dancer needs a big finish to win the gold.”

Here we go. Dancer’s coming into the final jump. What will it be? It’s got to be a good one. This is for the gold medal. And Dancer’s skating backwards, backwards and then, wow! It’s a Quadruple Backflip! That’s incredible. Never before has any deer done that one. A super jump. And Dancer finishes beautifully, and that should do it. Yes, it’s a perfect 10 for Dancer. And the gold medal for the Figure Skating goes to Dancer!

Check back tomorrow for the beginning of our fourth event here at the Reindeer Games, the luge (that’s French for really fast sleigh riding!)

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