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Friday November 16, 2018    

Is the North Pole Real?

Here's my thoughts


[Is the North Pole Real?]

The answer is most definitely, "yes", but not many people have actually found it in their Arctic adventures to the top of the world, literally.

Did you know that Mount Everest has been climbed more than 1600 times, yet fewer people have reached the North Geographic Pole (unsupported) than have stood on the moon.

In fact, in Spring of 2003, Ben Saunders, 24, set out to reach the North Geographic Pole solo, unsupported and on foot from Canada. Ben entered the record books as the youngest ever person, and the first Briton, to do so. The expedition raised funds for The Orchid Cancer Appeal, the UK's first male cancer charity, that aims to raise cancer awareness in men worldwide.

It took Ben around 8 weeks to ski and walk over the frozen sea-ice of the Arctic Ocean. Conditions are extreme. The route was be more than 500 miles, according to Ben's web site.

Also that spring, a group of runners ran on an ice sheet some 14 feet thick above 12,000 feet of Arctic Ocean in what was called the North Pole Marathon 2003! It took place on April 17th. Runners ran up to 100 miles after being brought to a camp called Borneo located in Svalbard, a set of Norwegian Islands. There was 24 hours of daylight at the North Pole during the race, which was completed in 2 days for the strongest runners. They wore layers of clothing and either trail running shoes or snowshoes. If you're wondering if they passed Santa's village, there were no claims that any of them saw it... but we saw them!

There are dozens of movies or videotapes that try to show what the North Pole looks like. Movies like The Santa Clause and The Santa Clause 2 do a good job, but in real life, only children like you can actually see the real Santa's workshop located at the real North Pole. [by Eddie Elf] It's a wondrous place that makes all kinds of fun toys, games. It's a place where dreams are about to come true as my fellow Elves fulfill your wishes that Santa and his reindeer will deliver to your house and millions like it across the world! Now, it's a year-round job at the North Pole to get this job done. Coming up next week, we'll ask more questions about the magic of Christmas and ask you to think really hard. See you next wEDnesday.

EDitorially yours,
Eddie Elf

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