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Friday November 16, 2018    

Super Secret Sunday's Back!

Case of the Missing Gift


[Super Secret Sunday's Back!]

Hey Kids, Super Secret Sunday’s is back!

It’s me Super Secret Jack Spinner Specialized Sleuth and my mighty side kick Zachary the Cosmic Kid. I received an interesting phone call from Mrs. Claus requesting our services. She informed me that at a Holiday get-together a gift that she got Santa Claus mysteriously vanished. Mrs. Claus needs Santa’s gift by Christmas. The clues we have so far is that the gift has been separated into four parts, each part has two pieces. Are you ready to take this adventure? OK, good! Glad to have you along. Cosmic Kid, are you ready to take part in this adventure? “Cosmic Kid is ready!” All right, then we are all set to solve the CASE OF THE MISSING GIFT. Let’s head out!

Our first stop has brought us to Calgary Alberta, Canada. We are at the base of a snowy mountain and our clues have lead us to this point. Before we trek up this mountain, we need to prepare ourselves. OK, does everybody have his or her snowsuits, hats, and gloves on? Great job everybody. And how about you, Zachary the Cosmic Kid? “Snowsnoots, aps, and gwoves! I’m Super wready.” OK, let’s head up. Now we need to also make sure we are practicing our safety procedures. So everybody is responsible for everybody heading up the mountain. We need to keep our eyes and ears open at all times.

[by Super Secret Jack Spinner] All right, we’re almost to the top of the mountain. I sure know I’m tired. I think I need a little bit of help getting to he top. “A Clue, A Clue!” the Cosmic Kid yelled out. Where? Where’s there a clue? Oh, I see. There’s a glimmer at the top of the mountain, and it looks like someone is standing next to the glimmer. I wonder who that could be? Oh my, it’s our helpful friend Monty the Mountie. Hello Monty, we’re looking for some clues. You wouldn’t be able to help us, would you? “Well, it depends on who sent you” Monty says. Well, I can’t tell you who sent me, because it’s a SECRET! I crack myself up. “Ha Ha, he’s funny” the Cosmic Kid says. We really need to get this clue that we were sent to find. We are looking for four parts, which each have two pieces, of a gift that Mrs. Claus is planning on giving Santa. “Well, I have discovered two of the pieces. But before I can give them to you, I need you to answer a Christmas riddle” Monty says. “What is the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the ordinary alphabet?”

That is a tough one. Does anybody know the answer? Cosmic Kid, do you know the answer? “Yes, I do.” All right Cosmic Kid, lets hear the answer. “The Christmas alphabet has no L (noel)” the Cosmic Kid yells. “That’s correct!” Monty says, “Here are your two pieces of the gift.” Wow, Great job Cosmic Kid. Did all of you at home get the correct answer? I knew it, because all of you are Super Smart! All right kids, let’s head off to our next location. Where that will be, well, I can’t say. That’s a SECRET. Bye Monty, thanks again for you help. Say goodbye Cosmic Kid. “Goodbye Cosmic Kid!” Cosmic Kid says. You are hilarious. Join us next week at a new location as we continue to search for new clues in the CASE OF THE MISSING GIFT.

Be safe, and see you soon!

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