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Friday December 14, 2018    

Snowman Advent Calendar

[Snowman Advent Calendar]

2 large pieces of card
Paints in a variety of colours
Craft knife
Pictures of toys cut from a catalogue
Black pen
Small box to use as a template
Tracing paper the same size as the card

Draw the out line of your snowman with his hat on - onto one of the large pieces of card. Now draw 24 small squares using the smalll box to draw around. Example: 3 on his hat, 4 on his face and 18 on his body. Then use the tracing paper to copy it.

Trace the snowman onto the other piece of card minus the squares (you can draw them on once the snowman is finished). Paint your snowman white and leave to dry.

While the snowman is drying cut out 25 pictures of your favourite toys from a catalogue.

Once you have cut out your pictures start painting the snowmans features such as: paint the hat black, (or choose your own colour) paint a scarf, nose, eyes and buttons on him and leave to dry.

While the paint is drying glue your pictures in the squares on your first snowman.

Trace the sqaures onto the painted snowman (make sure that it fits into place perfectly). Write the days onto them (if you look at most advent calenders the days are all jumbled up, you could do the same if you wish).

With the help from an adult cut the squares using a craft knife, so that they open like doors (to keep the doors closed use a small bit of blue-tac).

Once you have cut all the doors apply glue to the back of the 2nd snowman and glue him to the first one.

Tie the ribbon into a loop, glue it to the back of your snowman and hang from the wall and count the days to Christmas. (This is also a great hint to let your parents know what toys you want for Christmas).

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