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Tuesday July 05, 2022    
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Crafts for Kids!

Pass on secret codes that only you and your fellow spy detectives can decipher. This Super Secret Decoder Wheel is SO secret that... We’d tell you more but, it’s a secret! :) A great way to build analytical skills.

Kids 5 and under love to get creative with different painting techniques. Painting with sponges is a simple and fun way to explore basic shapes to paint and cut out.

Looking for a fun craft idea to keep the kiddos busy this holiday season while on holiday recess? This cute little sock snowman might be exactly what you need! Other than being an adorable decoration, it’s also a cool way make use of old socks.

It's the most wonderful time of the year but it wouldn't be complete without Santa in his sleigh.

This adorable Santa Paper Plate Mask craft is a great craft for your child using things you most likely have around your home.

A Rudolph Reindeer Photo Ornament that is sure to make your kids stand out this Christmas. 

This Reindeer Headband craft is just too cute and would be perfect headwear for watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

This Popsicle Stick Gingerbread House Craft is the perfect Christmas craft to stimulate that imagination and get those hands moving. Kids will also develop their creative skills while keeping occupied during this busy season. In addition, this craft will help to develop fine motor skills, which will assist your kids with their writing.

This adorable Paper Tube Santa Claus Craft for kids is great for preschool and older kids! The best part is that toilet paper rolls can be recycled into a wonderful Christmas craft.


The Mighty Duo lands in the UK


Last week we left the Mighty Duo wondering how they might fly to the UK to retrieve a glove Santa dropped last Christmas Eve...

“Woohoo!” Jack hooted. BILL'S BRILLIANT HOT AIR BALLOONS! was just a short walk away, according to the sign.  “I knew it! We can fly there.”

“Not in a…” the Kid began.

But Jack had dashed off. Soon they reached the old, weathered building. Behind a dusty desk in the gloomy shop was a sleepy old man.

“Bill!” boomed Jack.

“Eh? Ah… that’s me. What you after?”

Jack slapped the desk, choked on a blooming cloud of dust, and said, “One balloon ride to the UK, please!” 

“Why, you’re the first customers I’ve had in 14 years! People don’t tend to fly balloons anymore… tend to take planes...”

“A plane would be ideal!” Zach interjected.

“Well… airport’s hundreds of miles away… no planes ‘round here. ‘Cept Bessie o’course,” he pointed through a grubby window. “That’s ‘er right there.”

Before Zach could blink, Super Secret had run through the back door towards an old WWI biplane. Zach was unconcerned - there was no way the thing would get off the ground!

Jack climbed into the decrepit old ship, revving the engine.“I knew this was the place! Just as I said. We shall fly!”

“Do you know... how?” asked Zach.

“I had lessons. Well, a lesson. I know about the important parts and…  I’m sure the other stuff is intuitive.”

[by Super Secret Jack Spinner]

And, just like that, they were in the air and on their way to the UK. Jack guided Bessie through heavy rain and snow, dodging the occasional bird.

“Super… the UK’s small but not that small… how will we know where to look for the glove? And how will we get home once-”

The engine sputtered. Black smoke billowed from the engine. 

“We’re going down!” screamed Jack. “I’ve never landed before!”

“What?! You said you knew all the import-” 


Bruised, battered and upside down, the Mighty Duo landed… just outside Edinburgh Airport.

Will our duo find the missing glove in time for Christmas? And are they both in one piece after the crash?

Use your Super Secret Decoder Wheel for a sneaky peek or log on next week to find out!

Same Super Secret Time! Same Super Secret Place!

Super Secret Decoder Key:   A=B
Super Secret Decoder Code: FWFSZPOF JT BMSJHIU

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