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Monday March 27, 2023    
[Mrs Claus]
Christmas Cookies

These little cherry flavored gems are Rudolph's favorite. Any ideas as to why?

A delicate, crisp little cookie, ( also known as Swedish Butter Cookie) with a deep buttery flavor.

Nothing short of heavenly. Quite sweet, but the extra tart of the cream cheese and cranberries gives just the perfect tart touch to leave you craving just one more.

Try these cookies on the sweet-tooth in the family. Our Elves love 'em... yours will too!

There's nothing like a nice molasses cookie and a glass of milk during the holidays.

[Mrs Claus]
Holiday Sweets & Treats

A warm and bubbly holiday treat from back in the day. Serve with a scoop of ice cream or just by itself.

This Crock Pot Candy just might be the ultimate holiday treat! Not only is it easy to make, it's really delicious and a great treat to share for Christmas 

Here's a recipe from our very own Ali Elf. This is sure to please.

Here's a fun treat that all the Elves like to make for dessert.

Just a fun treat for the holidays. Perfect for snacking, gift giving and get togethers.

Truly Terrific and Magical Christmas

The air is buzzing with holiday cheer

[Truly Terrific and Magical Christmas]

Cheerio to all of my holiday mates! Christmas is coming and we can’t be late!

The air is buzzing with holiday cheer! Can you believe Christmas is almost here?

It has been a truly terrific and magical Christmas season this year. Each year is special of course, but this go ‘round, I’ve noticed that you cool Christmas kiddos have done more fantastic feats than I’ve seen ever before! I’m truly taken aback by your awe-inspiring acts! Just ask my super-sensing and totally tubular toboggan! Your terrific tasks have fueled it to whisk me around the world. 

Why, just this week my terrific toboggan flew me to Brazil where I saw a benevolent boy named Bruno who helped his elderly neighbor rake the leaves out of his front yard. Not only did he do it without being asked but he didn’t expect to be paid! He just did it out of the kindness of his heart. As you can imagine, my toboggan was zooming to get to Brazil. We got there so fast that I had time to eat crumpets on the beach before my toboggan took off again.

[by Toomer Elf]

Next, my toboggan took me to the city that never sleeps, the big apple itself, why, New York City of course! Now, I saw so many cool kids in New York my friends, but one of them stood out to me in particular. As I was soaring over Central Park I noticed a kind kiddo named Noelle who performed a dandy deed that was truly dynamite! Noelle joined a group of carol singers that passes out clothes to homeless people. This group of cool kids had adults with them of course because… safety first! They walked all around the park singing and passing out scarves to anyone who was cold.  Talk about spreading Christmas cheer! 

All these terrific tasks have filled me with so much cheer, almost more than my little elf heart can hold. But there’s just a couple of days until Christmas so I best be off to the North Pole to help Santa finalize the nice list. Of course, with all of the nice points you cool Christmas kiddos have racked up, Santa might need a bigger sleigh this year! In case I don’t fly over your town ‘till next year, I’d like to wish you a truly happy and very Merry Christmas! 

Don’t forget! Cool Christmas kiddos do terrific tasks all year round! Until next time, here’s a handy dandy rhyme to help you remember:

Let’s help a friend, and lend a hand,
Whether the help be small, or it be grand.
Wherever you go, whatever you do,
Make sure Christmas cheer stays with you.

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