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Thursday July 09, 2020    

Captured Reindeer To Fly Plane?

The Truth Behind the Plan

[Captured Reindeer To Fly Plane?]

Dolores Flemspackle was not happy.

This was not unusual. Dolores Flemspackle was almost never happy. The best anyone usually hoped for, when dealing with Dolores Flemspackle, was that she would be not unhappy. Phil Flemspackle wasn't that lucky. Because Dolores Flemspackle, as previously noted, was not happy.

"I'm not happy, Phil," said Dolores Flemspackle, to no one's surprise--certainly not to ours. She had come into the cockpit of the airplane, where Phil was trying to harness a reindeer to the pilots controls.

Phil sighed. "What now, mother?"

"We have made an announcement to the world, that we're going to have the first pollution-free airplanes, and we still haven't gotten the thing off the ground."

"Well, mother, as I told you, we need to work with the reindeer to convince them to fly for us. If I had known that this was your plan--to lock them into these airplanes--I never would have agreed to this."

[by Eugene Elf]

"Water under the bridge," said Dolores. "They're here now, so we'll make the best of the situation. And the best of the situation will make us very rich indeed. Here's the list of people who want to fly on our planes!" She held up a huge pile of papers. "Hundreds of people want to fly 'pollution-free,' and they'll pay a lot to do it! So you get that overgrown lawn ornament in there to get his antlers in the air, and soon! We need to show people that this will work!" And with that she stormed out of the plane.

Phil watched her go, and then looked sadly at the reindeer, who was looking sadly at him. "I know you miss your mate, Ajax," he said to the reindeer, "but we need to do this right now. I'll figure out a way to get you back to the North Pole. I promise."

What will happen with Ajax? Will Phil keep his promise? Keep reading The North Pole Times to find out!


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