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Thursday July 09, 2020    


Flemspackles Announce New 'Green' Business


Ali Elf waved a newspaper in front of the other elves. "It's in this human newspaper! There's an article about Dolores!"

Bernard Elf took the paper and began reading. "New Flemspackle Business announced! Dolores Flemspackle, President of Flemspackle Industries, surprised everyone today by announcing the launch of her new business--Flemspackle Air,"

"Flemspackle Air?" Said Twinkle Elf. "I'm confused. She's going to be selling air? Why would anyone pay for air? You can just breathe it!"

"Not if you're in outer space," said Smitty Elf. "Maybe she's going to be selling her air to astronauts."

[by Eugene Elf]

"But why would she need reindeer to do that?" asked Adamup Elf.

"Maybe they'll deliver the air?" asked Twinkle.

"Not that kind of air," said Ali.

"What other kind of air is there?" asked Smitty.

"Flemspackle Air will be the newest airline in the world," said Bernard Elf, reading the paper. "It will start out with only two airplanes, but will soon add a third."

"Well if she has airplanes, what does she need reindeer for?" asked Adamup.

Bernard read some more. "According to Vice President Phil Flemspackle, what will set Flemspackle Air apart from every other airline is that its airplanes will be 100% pollution-free. Flemspackle Air will be the world's first 'green' airline!"

"Green? What does that mean?" Asked Louis Elf. "It's not an attractive color for airplanes."

"It means that the airplanes won't pollute the air,' explained Gizmo Elf. "I'm guessing that the reason they'll be pollution-free is because they'll be powered by magic reindeer!"

Will Santa let this happen? Are the two missing reindeer going to end up as the engines for airplanes? Keep reading The North Pole Times to find out!


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