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Friday May 24, 2019    

Green Cap Day!

Headgear Worn to Support Ecology!

by Jiller Elf

[Green Cap Day!]

The North Pole was a walking forest of green today, as all the Elves wore green caps. An Elf-Mail sent out in the early morning told all the Elves to wear green caps in support of 'green' technology. Making things in a way that doesn't hurt the environment is naturally the way Elves do things, but this let the humans down south know that they were in favor of reducing waste and pollution!

Suddenly, in the midst of all the green, a spot of red appeared! One Elf, apparently, did not support the Green movement. The red hat (and most likely, the body under the hat) bobbled this way and that, and with every movement, a wave of laughter followed. Eventually, the crowd of Elves gave way to reveal...

"Well, look! It's Waldo--or should I say: Weirdo Elf!" called Teema Elf. "It looks like Weirdo likes pollution!"

"Ha ha! Good one!" said Fala Elf, and other Elves agreed.

"What? Pollution? No!" cried Waldo. "Why would I like that?"

"Well--why wouldn't you wear a green cap today?" asked Fala.

"'Cuz I got food on my green cap," said Waldo.

"The Elf-Mail said to wear Green Caps today, and you didn't," said Teema. "Typical Weirdo Elf!"

[by Jiller Elf]

"What Elf-Mail?" asked Waldo. "I didn't get one!" Just then, Santa Claus came into the group.

"What's going on here?" he demanded. He turned and saw Waldo. "Are you all right?" he asked the little Elf. Waldo's face became the color of his cap, then he turned and ran!

"Probably hungry for some strawberries and mustard," said Teema, and some Elves laughed. Santa looked at Teema. "I think we need to talk," he said.

Bernard Elf came pushing through the crowd with his Elfpad in his hands. "Santa--I looked into that Green email that was sent out this morning. I found out who sent it!" He handed his Elfpad to Santa. Santa looked at it, then back at Teema. "Now I know we need to talk!"

What did Santa read? Where did Waldo go? Keep reading The North Pole Times to find out!

[The North Pole Times News Team]

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