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Monday December 10, 2018    

Super Secret Finale

The Case of the Missing Gift Solved

by Super Secret Jack Spinner


[Super Secret Finale]

It’s me Super Secret Jack Spinner Specialized Sleuth and my side kick The Cosmic Kid Zachary and we’re back on the case. I have received an interesting phone call from Mrs. Claus in which she requested our services. Mrs. Claus informed me that at a Holiday get together a gift that she has gotten Santa Claus mysteriously vanished. Mrs. Claus needs Santa’s gift by Christmas. The clues we have so far is that the gift has been separated into four parts, each part has two pieces. Are you ready to take this adventure? OK, good! Glad to have you along. Cosmic Kid, are you ready to take part in this adventure? “Cosmic Kid is ready!” All right, then we are all set to solve the CASE OF THE MISSING GIFT. Let’s head out!

Our fourth stop has brought us Hudson Bay in Manitoba Canada. This place sure is cold this time of year. I’m so glad that we are all wearing our hats and gloves. Do you see any clues Cosmic Kid? How about any of you at home? “Yes. Look, Look! I see somfin siney,” shouts the Cosmic Kid. Wow, you see something shiny, where? Does everybody at home see it? I knew it; you guys are doing an excellent job. Well, it looks like that shiny object is adrift in ICE, how are we going to get that? Oh hey the Ice is coming closer let shoot our Super Secret Grapple Hook to attach to the Ice. Alright we are attached. Now we have to tight rope over to it. Just remember kids, don’t try this at home, and always be safe. Are you ready Cosmic Kid? “I wready!” Cosmic Kid yells. Lets do this!!!

[by Super Secret Jack Spinner] Ok we are almost to the Ice. Do you still see the Clue Cosmic Kid? “Yes, Yes, Wright Deer” Yells the Cosmic Kid. Ok now I see it. Does everybody at home see it? I knew you would because all of you are Super observant. All right we’ve arrived at the spot. Wow!!! It’s our old friend Mr. Polar Bear. How are you Mr. Polar Bear? “I’m just dandy Super Secret Jack” Said Mr. Polar Bear. Well Mr. Polar Bear we need your help we are looking for the FINAL two pieces of the Missing Gift. You wouldn’t happen to know where it is would you? “Yes I do” He said. “I actually have you last two pieces in my shiny carrying sack”. “Before I can give you the pieces you have to answer a Christmas Riddle”. Said Mr. Polar Bear. It’s another Christmas Riddle!!! “Well I’ll read the Christmas Riddle aloud so everyone can hear it, hopefully we can solve this riddle. Is everyone ready for the riddle? How about you Cosmic Kid?” “Yes I am” laughs the Cosmic Kid. “ Here is the riddle…What do snowmen eat for breakfast?” Mr. Polar Bear asked.

That is a tough one. Does anybody know the answer? Cosmic Kid, do you know the answer? “Yes, I do.” All right Cosmic Kid, lets hear the answer. “Frosted Flakes” Shouts the Cosmic Kid. “Hey, you got it right. Looks like that’s is the correct answer to the Christmas Riddle. Great Job again Cosmic Kid!” Mr. Polar Bear said. Did all of you at home get the correct answer? I knew it, because all of you are Super Smart! Thank you Mr. Polar Bear for your help! It looks like we have all the pieces to the Missing Gift.

Make sure all of you at home cut out and put the eight pieces together that we found to discover what the Gift is that Mrs. Claus is giving to Santa. (SEE Below)

I’m so excited and I hope all of you at home are too. All right kids, Have a Merry Christmas. We’ll see you next year for another exciting Christmas Mystery. What that will be, well, I can’t say. That’s a SECRET. Say goodbye Cosmic Kid. “Goodbye Cosmic Kid!” Cosmic Kid says. You are hilarious. Merry Christmas See you all next year!!!

Be safe, and see you soon!

Missing gift piece 1
Missing gift piece 2
Missing gift piece 3
Missing gift piece 4
Missing gift piece 5
Missing gift piece 6
Missing gift piece 7
Missing gift piece 8

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