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Monday August 15, 2022    
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Crafts for Kids!

These Christmas Elf puppets are so cute and even more fun to make. A perfect Christmas craft activity to keep you and your own little elves entertained during the Holidays.

Share the love this Christmas with this easy-to-make Christmas Heart Ornament Craft that requires only a few items you’re likely to already have on hand. Use them as a tree ornament or as a loving extra touch to your gift wrapping.

These adorable North Pole Times Elves are the perfect DIY ornament for kids to make and hang on the Christmas tree!

These DIY Christmas Pop Up Cards are fun and simple to make. Choose from a variety of elves and characters direct from the North Pole to make a unique gift that is loads of fun to share with friends and family.

This fun little Clothespin Snowman craft is super easy to make and just as versatile. Glue them to presents to make a cute gift tag holder. Clip them to your tree for a fun kid-made ornament. Or hide them around the house and have your very own Christmas Snowman Hunt just like you would for an Easter egg hunt.

You ain’t no Fish!

The elves look towards dark castle ahead

[You ain’t no Fish!]

Waldo, Mikee, and Gizmo needed to cross the lake and find a meanie living in the castle. As you remember, dear readers, the snow fairy knew nothing about the mysterious elf girl, but she was sure the meanie had caused the great mess at the North Pole.

Now, the elves needed to find the boat that would take them over the Lake of Unfrozen Waters. They set off through the darkness, snow, and ice. 

After a time, they reached the lake, but there was one problem – there was no boat! The elves looked all around but saw nothing but piles of snow.

Luckily, Waldo remembered his trusty Sherlock Junior kit. He took the magnifying glass and started searching for the boat. Waldo went left and right over the snowdrifts leaving his tiny footsteps in the snow. At times, it seemed he was walking in circles.

“There’s nothing here,” Waldo claimed, then tripped and fell face-first into the snow. Believe it or not – Waldo found the boat covered in snow!

Our dear Waldo tripped over the rope holding the boat!

The elves swept the snow from the boat and began the journey across the lake.

[by Marija Elf]

On their way, a great whale surfaced next to them. “You ain’t no fish,” the whale blurted. “Whatcha doin’ in my lake?" 

After hearing about their quest, the whale warned the elves, “Gotta be careful on this one; I’ve heard talk on that castle. Everyone thinkin’ it be haunted. I’d be turnin’ back if I were you.”

The elves looked towards the dark castle ahead. It seemed scary and spooky, but they had to move on. They had to save Christmas.

“There’s no such thing as a haunted castle,” Mikee muttered, trying to encourage them.

As the elves continued, a seal splashed up alongside them. 

“Do you guys have a ball?” the seal inquired.


“Excuse me?” responded Gizmo. 

“A ball. You know, round and spherical. I like to bounce a ball on my nose.”

“I’m afraid not.” replied Gizmo. “But what do you know about the castle and the one who lives there?”

“Be aware. I’ve heard he’s a boogeyman who stands six-foot-three with sharp teeth and giant claws!” and then splashed away. The seal then popped back up in the distance and said: “Beware! I’d turn back if I were you.” and disappeared back into the lake. 

The elves seemed terrified hearing this.

“There’s no such thing as a boogeyman,” Gizmo stated as he tried to calm them down, but didn’t seem to believe his own words.

The elves moved on no matter how frightened they were. They left the boat and traveled up to the giant castle where they found a gate. Oh no!

The frozen gate stretched up to the sky. It was so tall they couldn’t even see the lock. The elves had no way to reach it, much less unlock it. Beyond the gate lies the dark wretched castle surrounded by an undeniable presence. Pierces of lightning split the sky as rumbles of thunder shook the earth.

What do you think? Will the elves find the way to open the gate? Is the castle haunted?

Come back TOMORROW and find the latest news. Right here, on the North Pole Times!

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