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[Santa's OFFICIAL News Source]
Friday November 24, 2017    
[Santa's OFFICIAL News Source]

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Marathon Returns for Good Finish

Rudolph Loves the Pace

by Timbo Elf

   - Published: December 8, 2016

[Marathon Returns for Good Finish]
We're back at the famous Reindeer Games! Today, the reindeer complete the final leg of the Around the World Marathon.

The first three days have been very exciting, as the race has taken the reindeer from Canada to the United States and then to Central and South America. And today, the reindeer must pick up speed and cover a whopping distance, as they go through Africa, Europe and Asia before heading back to the North Pole for the race to the finish.

“Wow, that’s an incredible pace,” said Rudolph. “But that’s what they will be doing on Christmas Eve – and more! I think they are up to it.”

There are so many famous cities, towns, countries and cultures that the reindeer will be flying over today, that it’s impossible to cover them all. Perhaps we can say that the reindeer are pleased to visit so many beautiful and exciting places and see so many good people on the way.

“And soon they will be heading back to the North Pole, and let’s not forget, we will have a race to the finish,” said Rudolph. “We’ve given out three medals so far, and this will be the fourth. I wonder who it will be?”

Indeed it remains close as we pick up the race as the deer head over Siberia and make their way back to the North Pole. It’s worth noting that Siberia is a very big and very famous land in the North of Asia. Many great stories have been written about this famous land which has seen many different peoples live there over many, many years.

[] The first great modern change to Siberia was the Trans-Siberian railway, constructed from 1891 to 1916. It linked Siberia more closely to a growing Russia, and from 1801 to 1914, an estimated seven million settlers moved from European Russia to Siberia.

Well, the reindeer won’t be riding any trains on their way home today, as they can fly with the best of them. And don’t look now, but they are within sight of the North Pole.

“I’m picking them up now on the video screen,” said Rudolph, “and all eight are neck and neck. It’s going to be a fantastic finish!”

The final stretch will end in Santa’s Workshop Arena and the crowds have packed in to see the winner.

Coming down the stretch, it’s Donder and Dancer with a slight lead over Prancer, Dasher and Comet. Vixen, Cupid and Blitzen aren’t far behind.

“Oh my it’s going to be close!” said Rudolph.

Indeed with 100 yards to go, it’s Prancer with a slight lead over Comet and Blitzen. My, it’s going to be close.

And now at the finish line, it might be too close to call – and across the line -- it’s Vixen! Vixen is the winner, followed by Comet. Vixen is the fourth gold medal winner of the games.

Check back tomorrow as the games continue with our fifth event, the Figure Skating competition. Following will be Speed Skating, the Obstacle Course and the Snowboarding events.

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