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[Santa's OFFICIAL News Source]
Sunday November 29, 2015    
[Santa's OFFICIAL News Source]

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Nothing Wrong

Everything's Fine in the Workshop

by Jiller Elf

[Nothing Wrong]
When we arrived at Gizmo Elf's workshop, we were greeted by a closed door and the sounds of conks, bonks, boiks and boops from inside. Santa knocked on the door, and the noises stopped for a moment, followed by the sound of someone whispering. Suddenly there was a loud crash, a tinkle, a honk, and then the door opened. A small head with enormous glasses poked out.

"Everything's fine! Nothing's wrong!" shouted Waldo Elf.

"I never thought otherwise," said Santa. "We're here to see Gizmo, and the Appendapulator.

"Everything's fine! Nothing's wrong!" shouted Waldo, as he opened the door, kicking aside assorted tools, springs, and unrecognizable gadgets and gee-gaws to let the guests in.

"Is the apendapulator almost ready?" Mrs. Claus asked, stepping over a pile of tools.

"Everything's fine! Nothing's wrong!" shouted Waldo yet again.

"Did Gizmo tell you to tell us that no matter what?" asked Santa gently.

Waldo paused. "Everything's fine! Nothing's wrong," he said, nodding his head.

"I think you can stop saying that now, Waldo," said Gizmo, crawling out from inside the Apendapulator. "We're very, very, nearly almost totally completely ready."

"Well, we better be," said Adamup Elf, coming into the shop. "We've got a huge number of kids on the 'Nice' list this year. We're going to need to get cracking...or, Apendapulating, as the case may be."

"I just need to attatch the beveled three-quarter clockwise apparator apparatus, and we'll be ready to go," said Gizmo. "Waldo, did you find it?"

"Everything's fine. Nothing's wrong," said Waldo, shrugging his shoulders.

"What do you mean, you can't find it?" asked Gizmo, who obviously understood Waldo a little better than most others. "What's that in your hand, then?"

Waldo looked at the shiny object in his hand. "Oh! Everything's fine! Nothing's wrong," he said, happily handing the gizmo to Gizmo.

Gizmo screwed the item onto the machine, where it made a happy thrumming sound. "Okay, then, everybody, let me introduce the new, improved, Apendapulator version two-point-HO!"

What new improvements will there be to the Apendapulator? Will it really change Christmas? Find out tomorrow, only in the North Pole Times!

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Reindeer Games are Back!
by Timbo Elf

Welcome to the 2015 Reindeer Games! Once again, the many happy folks of the North Pole will pack the stands to see Santa’s famous reindeer compete in eight great events.
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[Reindeer Games are Back!]

[New Today]
The Case of the Missing Wish List
by Super Secret Jack Spinner

Happy Holidays everyone from your favorite Super Jack Spinner the Specialized Sleuth and my mighty side-kick Kosmic Kid.
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[The Case of the Missing Wish List]

North Pole: Serious Business
by Professor Ellie Elf

Most people don’t know the work that goes into making a great Christmas present. At the North Pole, it’s a serious business!
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[North Pole: Serious Business]

Fly-About Franny in Big Apple
by Franny Elf

My job is to fly around in my mini-sled before Christmas every year checking to see how boys and girls around the world celebrate Christmas
Full Story >>

[Fly-About Franny in Big Apple]

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