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Sunday October 21, 2018    


Santa Sends HIs Message


Merry Christmas from Santa and Waldo!

Dear Boys and Girls, and All Who Hold Christmas Dear, no matter how old:

Merry Christmas! I hope you like the presents I brought for you! I enjoyed giving them to you, and seeing how beautiful your houses and apartments have been decorated! And I also liked all the snacks that were left for me! Ho ho ho! There were a lot of interesting and tasty treats left out for me!

Have you had a good day so far? What's been your most favorite part so far? What was the gift that you got that you liked the best? I hope you appreciate the love and care that was put into getting those presents for you. It's because you are special that Christmas is so special!

[by Santa Claus]

I'm about to go give Mrs. Claus her Christmas present. I got her a journal (that's a blank book that she can write in every day--she loves to write) and a very nice pen. I also got her a sweater, and a new set of measuring cups for her kitchen. I know she has some stuff to give me as well! Yes, even Santa gets excited about getting presents at Christmas!

It has been my honor and pleasure to bring you gifts this year, and I hope to have the chance to write you again next year, when the sorties of my adventures will be told, as they always are, by The North Pole Times!

A very BIG thank you to all my helper elves, especially the authors of the North Pole Times: Elvin Elf, Eugene Elf, Jiller Elf, Timbo Elf, Toomer Elf, Eddie Elf, Franny Elf, Professor Ellie Elf, and our wonderful friends, Super Secret Jack Spinner and his mighty sidekick Zachery the Cosmic Kid!

Oh... let's not forget the most famous elf of them all - Waldo Elf!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Santa Claus

The Ice Palace is packed here at the North Pole, and the reindeer are about to enter. It’s time for the Closing Ceremonies for this year’s Reindeer Games!

[Santa Honors Reindeer at Closing Ceremony]

Our fourth stop has brought us Hudson Bay in Manitoba Canada.

[Super Secret Finale]

Today I’m teaching my class the difference between being naughty and nice. People think that elves are cheerful all the time, but every so often they can misbehave.

[Being Nice at School of Wonders]

Today I'm landing my sleigh in the Pacific Ocean and learning all about Christmas in the Philippine Islands.

[Franny Friday's Final Fantastic Finish]

One of my favorite songs during the holiday season is Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

[Santa Claus is Coming to Town]

It’s your traveling Tuesday buddy, Toomer Elf back again, fresh from another week’s worth of whizzing world wide looking for decent deeds, amazing actions and terrific tasks!

[Terrific Task Tuesday Finale]

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