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Friday November 16, 2018    

Terrific Task Tuesday 2

More than a hundred terrific tasks every day?


[Terrific Task Tuesday 2]
Toomer Elf in Australia

Hello there! You remember me, don’t you? It’s me, Toomer, the ‘elpful elf. The one who put his hand up when Santa said, “who wants to help me with a special job?!” I suppose I should have guessed it was going to be a tough one when all the other elves took a step backwards and looked the other way. They must have known that old Toomer here was the best elf for the job… I just LOVE seeing kids do good deeds and hearing about the smile on Santa’s face when he reads my reports!

So here I am on Santa’s special mission to target totally terrific tasks. In case you missed last week’s report, I’ve been told to catch 2017 children in the act of doing good deeds. There are so many of you out there, it’s amazing. It’s been a busy week, but I’m now on seven hundred and fifty two!

That’s over a hundred terrific tasks every day!!

That’s over thirty terrific tasks every hour!!

That’s… oh well, you get the picture – I’ve been a busy little elf. And in the two minutes it takes you to read this report, I’ll have found one more to add to my list…

This week you’ve caught me feeling quite low… No, I’m not feeling sad, I’m just in a country at the bottom of the world – “Down Under”, you could say. The weather here is beautiful – or as the locals say, “Beaut, mate!” I had to change into my elf-shorts the minute I arrived!

[by a sunburnt Toomer Elf] In case you haven’t guessed, I’m in Australia! At first I was quite confused. I kept saying to people, “I’m here to see Sidney!” and they kept telling me I was already there… It turns out the city is called Sydney as well as the boy! Santa’s given me a complicated one this time!

I’d been given Sid’s name because he’s a boy who shows a special attitude when doing terrific tasks. I wanted to catch him in the act, so that I could report it to Santa.

I spotted Sid at the end of the cookie aisle in a Sydney supermarket. Thankfully, he didn’t notice me, but I’m afraid an old lady standing by him did! Old ladies don’t expect to see elves when their doing their shopping, so it was no surprise when… SPLAT! her groceries ended up on the floor. Whoops! I ducked out of sight and peered over a Christmas pudding display.

Then… GOTCHA.!

Without being asked to help, Sidney bent down and began to help the lady gather up her groceries. But that wasn’t the best bit. When the lady turned round to thank him for his help, Sid was on his way… I looked around to spot him, but he’d gone! He didn’t stick around for a reward, he just helped because it was the right thing to do. Give the man some respect!

Now that’s what I call a totally terrific task for this Tuesday. A good deed without being asked and without being thanked!!

A double whammy! Santa will be smiling when he gets this week’s report – wherever he’s got to…

Keep doing those terrific tasks – I could be watching you next!


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