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Wednesday May 29, 2024    

Christmas Crossword Puzzles

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Happy holidays, fellow believers! We've got some really festive crossword puzzles to keep you busy during the season. Some are easy but some are really hard AND easy at the same time! Keep reading...

If you're anything like Super Secret Jack Spinner the Specialized Sleuth and like to follow Clues, you'll find all the answers right here on this website, making the puzzles SO easy even the Abominable Snowman can do them!

If you don't follow the clues however, some of the puzzles could be really, REALLY hard (unless you're a faithful follower of the North Pole Times.) Here's a clue for you right now: Look for "Hints" near the bottom of the puzzle.

Also, there is an "Easy / Hard" indicator at the bottom of each puzzle. Just look for the color that Santa's cap is covering. Green is EASY and Red is EXTRA HARD.

Click on puzzle and Print it!

Click on puzzle and Print it!

Click on puzzle and Print it!
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