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Thursday Jul 18, 2024    

Santa's Rules

[Twinkle Elf] Hi Kids,
I'm Twinkle Elf, in charge of Santa's Rules. Santa wants me to make sure that you are safe on the internet so he gave me this list of rules and wants me to make sure you read them. What's really neat is, following these rules gets you extra Nice points on the Naughty & Nice List! Everyone wants more Nice points, right?

You know how important it is to Santa to make sure you are safe so please read and follow the rules below.

Seasons Greetings!

1) Always ask a Grown Up BEFORE you type ANYTHING on the internet!
This is the MOST IMPORTANT rule of all.

2) NEVER type your last name!
Santa knows who you are. How else would he get you just what you want for Christmas?

3) NEVER give out your address!
Santa knows where you live. How else would he fly to your house on Christmas Eve?
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