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Wednesday December 01, 2021    
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Holiday Cakes & Pies

A truly old fashioned flavored cake that is a moist, tender, spice cake with applesauce, nuts and raisins. Delicious!

A moist and delicious banana bread recipe that your 'lil elves will go nuts over. Santa just loves it served warm with a pat of butter.  

An easy cherry pie recipe that is certain to put smiles on the faces of all the elves in your family - young or old.

It's not the holidays without Danielle Elf's wonderful Cinnamon Pumpkin Bread. The reduced sugar and little extra kick of cinnamon is a Santa favorite.

[Mikee Elf]
Crafts for Kids!

These Christmas Elf puppets are so cute and even more fun to make. A perfect Christmas craft activity to keep you and your own little elves entertained during the Holidays.

Share the love this Christmas with this easy-to-make Christmas Heart Ornament Craft that requires only a few items you’re likely to already have on hand. Use them as a tree ornament or as a loving extra touch to your gift wrapping.

These adorable North Pole Times Elves are the perfect DIY ornament for kids to make and hang on the Christmas tree!

These DIY Christmas Pop Up Cards are fun and simple to make. Choose from a variety of elves and characters direct from the North Pole to make a unique gift that is loads of fun to share with friends and family.

High Jump Final Round

And the Gold goes to...

[High Jump Final Round]

It’s the second day of this year's Reindeer Games and the final day of the High Jump competition. Dasher, Donder and Dancer were eliminated yesterday but the rest of the Great Eight are looking for gold.

“It just wasn’t my day” said Donder. “I just couldn’t get over the top.” “I dashed, and darted but it wasn’t enough today. You can’t win them all” explained Dasher. Dancer said “I think it was my break-dancing that did me in. But I looked GREAT even if I lost.”

The bar was set at 25 miles but that was no problem for Cupid, Comet and Vixen. Prancer pranced and Blitzen, with his mighty power, just couldn’t clear. It was up to Vixen, Comet and Cupid at the next level of 30 miles high.

Vixen was up next but just had a bad day. “I just had a bad day” Vixen explained. "I feel good about my chances in the other games though.”

At the great height of 30 miles, both Comet and Cupid amazingly jumped with miles to spare.

It’s down to the final two. The bar has been move up to 40 miles, skipping the 35-mile mark. Cupid was first up. Known for her grace, she gets her start. Nice and smooth… picks up speed as she makes her attempt. Ten – fifteen – twenty – thirty five miles high. As she reached the forty-mile mark, she flips upside down and clears the bar by the hair on her chinny-chin-chin.

Now it’s Comet. Known for his great speed (like a comet) he gets ready – sets and goes! With a huff and a puff and a wow-we-whipper-do, he blast off towards the highest mark of the year. BOING!! He catches the bar with his back hoof.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” the sold-out crowd at the Workshop Arena roared followed by really, really loud clapping.

[by Timbo Elf] “It was a lot of fun but makes me realized I need more exercise.” said Comet. “All of us, including all the kids around the world should play really hard for at least an hour a day.”

“I’m honored.” Cupid explained. “To win a gold medal competing against my team… the best team in the whole wide world is simply an honor.”

Well we know who can jump the highest this year, but who can jump the farthest?

Check back tomorrow for the start of the Long Jump competition.

[High Jump Begins]
High Jump Begins
Published Tuesday November 30, 2021

Welcome back to the Reindeer Games! Our first event will be the very difficult High Jump. Each reindeer will try to jump up and over the bar, which starts at a very high place and moves even higher as the event goes on.

[Reindeer Games are Back!]
Reindeer Games are Back!
Published Monday November 29, 2021

Welcome to the Reindeer Games! Once again, the many happy folks of the North Pole will pack the stands to see Santa’s famous reindeer compete in eight great events.

[Get Ready for the Reindeer Games]
Get Ready for the Reindeer Games
Published Sunday October 31, 2021

The Games will begin on the Monday following the American holiday of Thanksgiving.

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