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Wednesday Apr 17, 2024    
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Reindeer Games First Gold Won

First Gold Medal is Won

[Reindeer Games First Gold Won]

Welcome back to this year's Reindeer Games! Before we begin, we want to thank our many young fans who are following the games all over the world on the internet at the North Pole Times. Our fans are the greatest and we love you all!

Today, we have the second day of the High Jump competition. On the first day, each reindeer leaped over the bar at one-half mile, and so today the Official Elves have raised the bar to one mile.

That’s quite a leap, but our reindeer have numerous fantastic abilities, as we know, and the Games will allow all of our fans to see the talents of the reindeer, as the Games also prepare our famous deer for the Big Night when they lead Santa’s sleigh all over the world.

Over the next 21 days, our famous reindeer will compete in eight events – the High Jump, Long Jump, Sprint Race, Around-the-World Marathon, Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Obstacle Course and the Snowboarding event.

On hand for commentary is of course Rudolph, who won’t be playing in any reindeer games.

“The High Jump is a fun event,” said Rudolph. “The reindeer can fly, as we know, but in the high jump they can only use their jumping muscles and not their flying muscles! This should be fun.”

Those jumping muscles are pretty good too, as we saw yesterday when every deer made it over the bar at one-half mile.

[by Timbo Elf]

And so today, we begin at one mile. And, would you believe, once again every deer has made a successful leap. And so the elves moved the bar to two miles and then three miles, and now we’re at four miles high!

Up first is Dancer. She makes a fine approach, and she is up and over the bar. And now Donder takes her turn. And yes Donder is up and over the bar too!

They are followed by Vixen and Comet who make excellent jumps and clear the bar as well.

And now Prancer. She is up, but oh, she just nicks the bar and the bar falls off. Prancer is out of the running. Blitzen, Dasher and Cupid follow Prancer, and they too miss at four miles.

And so the next round is at five miles. Dancer and Donder are over the bar at five miles, but Vixen and Comet fall just short. And so we go to six miles high!

“That’s quite a leap,” said Rudolph.

Indeed, and it’s bit too high for Donder who comes up just short. And so Dancer is up! She can win the first gold medal of the games here with a good jump at six miles. She takes a good approach, plants and heads sky-ward. Will she make it?

Her form is good, she leans back, and yes, she is over the bar with a successful jump at six miles! Dancer is the first gold medal winner at the Reindeer Games, and Donder takes second place. An excellent showing by all.

And so check back tomorrow as we begin our second event – the Long Jump.

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