Reindeer Games - Games Return Round One of Figure Skating
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Monday December 10, 2018    

Games Return Round One of Figure Skating

Reindeer Draw Pictures on Ice

by Timbo Elf


[Games Return Round One of Figure Skating]

Tonight we start our third event at the Reindeer Games, the Figure Skating competition! A welcome back to all our loyal fans all over the world following the Games.

It’s been a fun and spirited Reindeer Games. So far in the first two events, we’ve seen Comet capture the Speed Skating gold medal, while Blitzen won the Ski Jumping competition.

And after the Figure Skating event, the great eight reindeer will try for a gold medal in Luge, the High Jump, the Around-the-World Race, Snowboarding and finally, Cross-County Skiing.

The fans at the North Pole have packed the stands for the Games, and will fill the Ice Palace tonight for the first round of the skating. Figure Skating is one of the more popular events of the Games. With their specially made skates, Santa’s reindeer go for the gold in three parts. Tonight is the “figures” competition, and tomorrow will be the “Short Program.” The event will finish up with the “Free Skate.”

Tonight are the figures: The reindeer will use their skates to “draw” some very pretty pictures in the ice. Each tries to draw the best picture! As our very smart fans know, this is where the name “figure skating” comes from: drawing figures on the ice.

First up is Dancer. Dancer is on the ice and beginning the skate. It’s up and down the ice and over and around. Dancer is cutting something very clever into the ice, what could it be? The fans are on their feet as Dancer moves gracefully around the Ice Palace.

Let’s go to our host Jim McSnowflake Elf, down at rink side. “Dancer’s moving very well and drawing a nice face on the ice. I’m not sure who it is. But wait. Yes! Yes, it’s Santa. Dancer has carved a very good figure of Santa into the ice at the Palace. Great job by Dancer.” The Official Elves are taking a look. Yes, it’s a 10.0 for Dancer. A perfect score for the first figure.

[by Timbo Elf] After a quick Zamboni (ice cleaning!), the next deer is up. Dasher is on the ice and ready to go. Dancer is moving up and down and around. And Dancer’s figure? It’s a very good Christmas tree. Great job by Dancer!

The Official Elves are taking a look. Another 10.0! Great job by Dasher. Prancer is next. And Prancer’s on the ice. Prancer is moving gracefully and patiently, drawing something for the fans to see. And it’s a good job by Prancer. It’s a very lovely snow cone by Prancer! And the Elves also love this one too. Another perfect 10.0!

And then it’s Comet, Blitzen, Donder, Vixen and Cupid for their figures. And each does a great job!

And who’s in first place after the first round? It’s a tie! All eight great reindeer have made beautiful figures in the ice, and all are tied for first place. The judges love all the figures.

Let’s see tomorrow if anyone can take the lead in the next round. Check back tomorrow for the Short Program of the Figure Skating event, as this year’s Reindeer Games continue. ONLY on The North Pole Times!

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