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Friday November 16, 2018    

Reindeer Games Begin!

First Round of Speed Skating


[Reindeer Games Begin!]

Welcome back to the Reindeer Games! Today is the first day of competition of this year’s games, and as our readers and followers know, the Reindeer Games are a fun event where Santa’s eight famous reindeer compete in eight great events.

Today is the first event, the Speed Skating competition.

Following the Speed Skating, our upcoming events will be Ski Jumping, Figure Skating, the Luge, the High Jump, the Around-the-World Race, Snowboarding and Cross-County Skiing, taking us right up to Christmas Eve.

We must tell you that our reindeer are very special deer, with special abilities and qualities. Yes, they will lead Santa’s Sleigh around the world on Christmas Eve, and that takes special talents and abilities. They can fly, and run with tremendous speed and jump really really high. But they’ve worked very hard, too, to learn these great abilities. And for the Reindeer Games, the deer have been practicing and practicing to improve their running and jumping and skating and flying. They’ve been practicing hard.

And now, let’s get out to the Ice Palace, the home of many Reindeer Games events. It’s packed as always for the Games. The good folks of the North Pole, when they’re not working hard in Santa’s shops and factories making some great stuff for the children all over the world, take a break and watch the reindeer games.

And our host for the games, of course, is Jim McSnowflake Elf, the most famous sports host ever! Jim what happening down there on the ice? “Well, we’re almost ready for the start of the Speed Skating event. There will be three ‘heats’ as we say, or three races. The first race will be today. All eight reindeer will line up and race around the big ice track here at the Palace. They go around twice, and the top four deer will move on to the next round tomorrow.“

Ok, we’re ready for the start of the first race! The crowd at the Ice Palace is on their feet. We’re ready to go. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen are at the starting line. And they’re off!

“Oh my it’s a great start, all eight are racing out of the gate. Oh my they are going so fast, it’s almost impossible to see who’s winning!” Into the first turn, it’s Dasher in the lead, followed by Dancer, Prancer and Vixen. Very close behind are Comet, Cupid, Donder and then Blitzen. It’s anyone’s race! [by Timbo Elf] The deer are going so fast, the race is going to be over in a flash! After the first lap, it’s still Dasher in the lead. Dancer, Prancer and Vixen are just behind. And then it’s Comet, Cupid, Donder and then Blitzen. We’re into the second lap now, and the deer are whizzing around the track. We’re coming around the final turn now. It’s too close to call! Heading down the stretch, it’s Comet and Dasher in the lead now. And Dancer and Prancer are just behind.

And across they finish line the come! It’s Comet and Dasher in first and second place and Prancer and Dancer are third and fourth. That’s your top four. These four reindeer will race tomorrow in the second round. Just behind are Cupid Donder and Blitzen and Vixen. It was a good effort by all, and a good first day to the games.

See you tomorrow for the second round of the Speed Skating event!

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