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Sunday January 17, 2021    
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News from the North Pole

Santa has written his annual letter to all the children around the world who he visited last night.

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Franny Fridays

Santa changes from his fluffy hat and gloves to shorts and a brightly colored t-shirt.

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Super Secret Sundays

No one move! It could be another trap!

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Reindeer Games

The Ice Palace is packed here at the North Pole, and the reindeer are about to enter. It’s time for the Closing Ceremonies for this year’s Reindeer Games!

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wEDnesday EDitorials

Only a few days left until Christmas! All we elves are putting the last touches on the presents from our workshop and Santa is checking his naughty and nice list twice as much!

[Ellie Elf]
Saturday School of Wonders

Today I’m teaching my class the difference between being naughty and nice. People think that elves are cheerful all the time, but every so often they can misbehave.


It's Terrific Task Tuesday!


I've got a problem. A big problem. Which for a little elf is the worst kind of problem to have. I'll get to that in a minute, but first let me introduce myself to those who don't know me. I'm Toomer Elf and that I write in the North Pole Times every Tuesday. Have you heard of Santa's Nice List? Where he keeps the names of all the boys and girls who've behaved well over the year? Well, I work in the Nice List Department and my job is to get out in the big wide world and spot children doing good deeds. My Terrific Task Tuesday articles are all about the great tasks I've seen.

Anyway, back to my problem... Last Tuesday I received a note. It wasn't just any old note – this letter was signed by Santa himself.

Dear Toomer, (the letter began) As you know, I like to keep records of how many terrific tasks are being done around the world. Every year, the numbers are around the same, but this year something is very wrong. The number of children doing bad deeds is much higher than normal. It's so high, in fact, that thousands of children won't even make it onto the Nice List this year. And if the Nice List is much shorter, I'll have thousands of presents undelivered, filling the North Pole HQ. Please do your best to sort it out, Toomer – I'm relying on you. Santa

[by Toomer Elf]

He didn't even end the letter with a “Ho Ho Ho”, which was most un-Santa-like. He is clearly very worried about the increase in naughty children this year. I've never known him to be so concerned, so it must be serious.

Sorry to start the festive season on such a bad note. I really wish I could be celebrating all the good deeds I've seen, but I can't. I'll be back again next week to let you know whether I find out any new information. I'm going undercover to see whether I can spot what's making all these children stop doing Terrific Tasks.

Perhaps I should rename my column to Terrible Task Tuesdays...

Yours worriedly, Toomer

Published Tuesday December 15, 2020

Last week you'll remember that I went undercover, trying to find out where all the naughty behaviour is coming from. I hid in Joe's house and I came across a rather grubby goblin who has been going round whispering naughty ideas into children's ears. Thankfully

[Stanley the Sheep Goes Shopping]
Stanley the Sheep Goes Shopping
Published Tuesday December 08, 2020

It's Toomer Elf here and I'm working undercover this week so I've disguised my second Terrific Task Tuesdays article.

Published Tuesday December 01, 2020

Have you heard of Santa's Nice List? Where he keeps the names of all the boys and girls who've behaved well over the year?

[A Good Deed goes a Long Way]
A Good Deed goes a Long Way
Published Saturday October 31, 2020

There's a lot of talk about the Naughty or Nice List and believe me, Santa knows who's naughty and nice.

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Years ago Santa commissioned Toomer the task of traveling the world and report back to him on the good deeds kids do around the holidays.

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