Reindeer Games - Figure Skating Long Program Begins
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Saturday January 19, 2019    

Figure Skating Long Program Begins

Four of our Great Eight Reindeer will Compete

by Timbo Elf

[Figure Skating Long Program Begins]

Welcome back to the Ice Palace for the very exciting Figure Skating event! It’s the Reindeer Games, and we’re getting ready for the third round of the Figure Skating.

Tonight is the long program. Four of our Great Eight reindeer will compete in the long program tonight: that’s Dancer and Cupid and Prancer and Dasher. All have skated very well so far, and each will try to move on to tomorrow’s final round! The top 2 skaters will compete tomorrow for the third gold medal of the Reindeer Games.

Ok, it’s down to the ice and our expert Dick Buttonflake Elf! “Thanks Bob. We’ve got 4 skaters tonight, Dancer and Cupid and Prancer and Dasher, and each will try a unique program. Each will do something different. And the judges will look at each and give each a score. The judges will be looking for style and speed and beauty in the skating. It’s not easy to judge, as all the reindeer are very good!”

Dancer is up first, and Dancer is on the ice. And Dancer is off! Dancer’s moving smoothly around the ice and moving gracefully with great speed. Dancer’s moving faster and faster and faster, almost so fast that the crowd can’t see!

As our fans knows, the reindeer have very great talents and abilities, and each has also worked very hard to develop their talents, and that includes skating.

Dancer is moving fast and getting ready for a jump. And there it is! A very nice jump called a Double Santa. Very good job. And very quickly, it’s 2 Double Backflips for Dancer followed by a Triple Snowcone. Wow, that’s super! The Ice Palace is on its feet cheering! [by Timbo Elf]

And finally it’s a very long Whirlybird to complete the program! Very nice job for Dancer. And the Elfian judges like the show, and it’s a 9.9 score for Dancer.

Now it’s Cupid! Cupid’s on the ice and ready to skate. Cupid’s underway and moving swiftly and smoothly around the ice. Cupid is moving very well.

And now the first jump. Oh, it’s a good one! Cupid does a Quadruple Zamboni. A fantastic jump. And now Cupid’s moving fast, and it’s a Double Axel and a Triple Buttonmaker, back to back. Very nice job by Cupid. It’s not easy to complete two jumps back to back.

And finally it’s another Zamboni and the whirlybird to close it out. Great long program for Cupid! Another 9.9 score from the judges. Prancer is up next. Prancer’s on the ice and moving well. What will Prancer do? Prancer moves slowly and then suddenly into a Quadruple Snow Shovel and then a Triple Pizza Pie! Very nice jumps by Prancer. The jumps are well done. And it’s a nice finish for Prancer with a superb Whirlybird.

And finally it’s Dasher. Dancer jumps very well and completes three Double Zambonis and a Quadruple Snowcone! Another good long program. Each deer has skated very well. It’s going to be a tough decision for the Elfian judges. Only the top 2 will move to tomorrow’s final round.

And the judges are ready to make a final decision. What will it be? Who will move to the final round? It’s going to be close. Only the top two skaters move to tomorrow’s final round. And it will be Cupid and Dancer! Those are your top 2. But a very nice job by all the deer. Each deer tried as hard as they can and performed well. And so Cupid and Dancer will skate again tomorrow for the Figure Skating gold medal, the third gold medal of this year’s Reindeer Games. Check back to see who wins!

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