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Friday February 23, 2018    

Obstacle Course Gold in Play

Final Round Thrills Crowd


[Obstacle Course Gold in Play]

Welcome back to the Reindeer Games! Today, we have the final round of the Obstacle Course, our seventh event of the games.

Yesterday, Dasher and Blitzen finished with the top two times in the semifinal round of the Obstacle Course, and so today, they will race the course one more time. The best time will earn the seventh gold medal of the games.

A big crowd has gathered at Santa’s Workshop Arena for the race, and the reindeer are almost ready. Many, many fans come out to see the reindeer perform in these games, and so we must ask: Are the reindeer sometimes nervous or afraid in front of such big crowds?

“Do the reindeer get scared? Oh, I think so,” says Rudolph, on hand for expert commentary but not allowed to play in any reindeer games. “Yes, they do. Sometimes, it’s very scary to compete and perform in front of so many people. And everyone expects them to be perfect every time.

“But the most they can do is try as hard as they can. If they do that, they know they can do no more. They’ve done their best. And that’s what counts most. Do your best and, most of all, have fun. The reindeer love the reindeer games, and that’s why they are so good! Because they love what they are doing!”

And with that good thought, let’s head out to the action. Blitzen is up first for the Obstacle Course, which hopes to be a good test for the reindeer when they lead Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. In this event, the reindeer will make their way through some falling snow, fly over a hill, land on a small house and then take off to the finish line in Santa’s Workshop Arena.

[by Timbo Elf] And we’re ready, as Blitzen toes the starting line. The flag is up and she’s off!

“Blitzen’s off to a good start,” says Rudolph. “She has a fine takeoff and is over the hill in good time.”

Blitzen lands softly on the small house and takes off quickly. She heads into the Arena quickly to the cheering fans. Blitzen is moving really well, and she’s across the line in very good time -- 21.9 seconds. That’s the best yet in the event this year.

“Well, it’s up to Dasher,” says Rudolph. “Can she beat Blitzen’s excellent time?”

If so, she will be the winner. If not, Blitzen is the winner. And we are ready! The flag is up, and Dasher is off!

She makes a fine takeoff and heads through the eflian snow. She’s over the hill and makes a nice landing on the house.

“Dasher looks good so far,” says Rudolph. “This is going to be close!”

Indeed it is. Dasher makes a excellent takeoff, and she’s heading to the finish line. Can she do it? As she flies into the Arena, the fans are going wild! It’s going to be a close race.

Dasher heads to the finish line as fast as she can, and she’s across in very good time. The Official Elves are checking their watches, and double-checking and making sure they have it right. The final time is … 21.8 seconds!

Oh, my, Dasher wins the gold by one-tenth of a second. A very close race, but Dasher is the winner of the gold medal.

Dasher joins Dancer in the High Jump, Donder in the Long Jump, Comet in the Sprint Race, Vixen for the Around-the-World Marathon, Prancer in the Figure Skating competition and Blitzen for the Speed Skating event, as our gold medal winners so far.

Check back tomorrow when we begin out eighth and final event of the Reindeer Games, the Snowboarding contest.

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