Reindeer Games - Santa's Reindeer Start High Jump
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Wednesday June 19, 2019    

Santa's Reindeer Start High Jump

Many Talents and Abilities

by Timbo Elf

[Santa's Reindeer Start High Jump ]

It’s the Reindeer Games! We’ve completed four events so far, and it’s been an exciting competition for the fans and the reindeer! And there’s four more fun events remaining in the Games.

So far, gold medals have been awarded to Comet in the Speed Skating event, to Blitzen for Ski Jumping, Dancer in Figure Skating, while Dasher won the first-ever Luge competition.

And the four remaining events are the High Jump competition, the Around-the-World race, the Snowboarding event, and finally, the Cross-Country Skiing event.

Today, we have the first round of the High Jump. Usually the high jump is a warm weather event, but our reindeer have many talents and many abilities, and jumping in the ice and snow is one of the them!

And of course, our Great Eight will be leading Santa’s sleigh around the world on Christmas Eve, and might have to jump over a few things here and there, so this is good practice for the Big Night!

Now, as our loyal readers and fans know, the Reindeer can fly, and will fly around the world on Christmas Eve. But in the jumping event, they will be on their honor. No flying over the high jump bar! The reindeer will use only their jumping skills and abilities. And all the reindeer always follow the rules!

Ok, out to the High Jump event, with our very famous host Jim McSnowflake Elf. Take it away Jim!

“Thanks guys! Well it’s another cold one here at the North Pole, and yet the fans are out once again to the see the Reindeer Games! Today we have the High Jump event. Each reindeer will take a running start, and then a leap over a really big Christmas tree here set up by the Elves. And the top four jumpers will move on to tomorrow’s second round. Let’s see how the deer can jump!”

[by Timbo Elf] Ok, Comet is up first, and Comet is ready! Comet makes the approach, and plants the hoofs in the ice and takes off! Wow, straight up into the air, and up and up and over the Christmas tree. Now this is a very, very big Christmas tree, and Comet is over easily. The Elves are measuring the jump, and it’s 4,302 feet for Comet! A very nice jump. Next up is Donder. Donder makes the approach and plants the hoofs. And up and up and up goes Donder. Donder is soaring up very high, and up and over the Christmas tree. A very nice jump for Donder. The Elves are out, and it’s a good jump of 5,493 feet. Very nice jump for Donder. Donder’s in first place so far.

Vixen is next. Vixen is ready, and here goes Vixen! Vixen makes the approach and plants the hoofs hard into the ice and snow, and up goes Vixen. Up and up and up is Vixen. Up and over the tree is Vixen at 6,432 feet! Vixen’s in first place! Five more reindeer to go.

Blitzen is next and Blitzen is ready. Blitzen makes a good approach and plants well. And up and up goes Blitzen. It’s a nice jump for Blitzen. That’s 4,401 feet! That put Blitzen in third place and Comet is now in fourth. Comet’s “on the bubble” as the sports guys always say. Remember, only the top four move on to the next round.

Dancer is next. Dancer makes a good approach and is up and over the tree. It’s a nice jump for Dancer. Dancer’s in at 4,303 feet! That’s just one foot ahead of Comet! Dancer is in fourth place now, just ahead of Comet.

Next up is Dasher. Dasher makes an fine leap, and Dasher’s in at 4,304 feet! Oh, that’s just one foot ahead of Dancer! Now Dancer’s in fourth place!

Prancer is next. Prancer makes the approach and is up and up and up over the tree. Prance has a nice jump. Prancer is in at 4,303 feet. Oh, that’s just one foot short. Prancer’ s tied with Dancer for fifth place for now.

Cupid is next. This is our last reindeer for today. Dasher is in fourth place now, at 4,304 feet. To make the next round, Cupid must jump just a little bit higher than Dasher. And Cupid makes the approach, and is up and over the tree. What will the jump be? The elves are measuring. It’s going to be close. Cupid’s in at 4,305 feet, just ahead of Dasher! Just one foot ahead of Dasher!

And so we have Vixen, Donder, Blitzen and Cupid in the second round of the High Jump event.

Check back tomorrow for the next round of the High Jump. ONLY on The North Pole Times!

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