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Wednesday June 19, 2019    

Dodger-Bobber Widget Still Lost

Will it be found in time?

by Super Secret Jack Spinner

[Dodger-Bobber Widget Still Lost]

EDITORS NOTE: The Mighty Duo has searched through elf quarters, under beds, at the Ice Cream Arena, on rooftops, and down chimneys but still haven’t found the missing Dodger-Bobber Widget. It’s a very important part of the sleigh. It doesn’t dodge bobbers, it helps the sleigh to dodge and bob around obstacles during Santa’s Christmas Eve flight. Without it, Santa will need to slow down considerably to avoid crashing, which may cause Christmas to run late this year.

We’re back for Super Secret Sunday kids, its Super Secret Jack Spinner the Specialized Sleuth and my Mighty Sidekick Zachery the Cosmic Kid, and we’re back on the case of the missing Dodger-Bobber Widget!

This week we’re finally on our way to the workshop to talk to Gizmo Elf about the missing Dodger-Bobber Widget. We’re definitely getting closer to solving this case. Santa will be super excited because he’ll be able to deliver all the gifts for Christmas on time!

“Cosmic Kid, I knew going to see Gizmo was a great idea when I thought of it. We should have done this earlier.” Super Secret said excitedly. “You knew it was a great idea huh?” the Cosmic Kid said and rolled his eyes. “Of course!” replied Super Secret.

When they reached the workshop, Gizmo was pacing back and forth but when he saw Super Secret and the Cosmic Kid, he ran up to them in a tizzy and cried “It’s gone! It’s gone! Super Secret, the Bobber-Dodger Widget is GONE, please oh please help me find it!”

Super Secret cuts his eyes at the Cosmic Kid and says with tight lips “I told you we didn’t need to waste our time checking in with Gizmo Elf, there were other places that we could have looked!” the Cosmic Kids slaps his face with the palm of his hand and turns to Gizmo.

“Gizmo, do you remember where you saw the widget last?” asked the Cosmic Kid. A stammering Gizmo replies “I, I, I took it off for routine maintenance a few weeks ago and set it right here, pointing to a spot on his workbench. “I always put the widget back on the sleigh two Sundays before Christmas and now it’s GONE!”

“Gizmo, has anyone been in your workshop, specifically this area?” asked the Cosmic Kid. Gizmo thinks for a minute and says “only Waldo!”

“Super Secret, maybe we need to talk to Waldo.” Says the Cosmic Kid enthusiastically. Super Secret pats the Cosmic Kid on the head again and says “I already did that and besides Waldo asks too many questions, I doubt if he knows anything about the widget. What we need to do is search this entire workshop! That Bobber-Dodger Widget must be in here somewhere.”

“Maybe the widget is dodging us!” laughs the Cosmic Kid. “You get it… ‘Dodging us?’ he continues laughing and slapping his knee.

“Gizmo, can you take us to the big machine that makes the toys? What’s it called again? The appendix, the adaptor…?” “You mean the Ap-pen-dap-u-lator?” asked Gizmo very slowly so that Super Secret could get the name right.

[by Super Secret Jack Spinner]

“Yes, that’s what I meant, can you show us where that is.” said Super Secret. They follow Gizmo to the Appendapulator, they search high and low, through and under the machine but still no widget. They continue on to search the toy making area, the game room, the coloring room, and mazes table yet, still no widget. Lastly, they go to the crafting room and search through the fabric angels, the decorative wreaths and the pinecone skier. Finally, Super Secret and the Cosmic Kid sit on a workbench while Super Secret pulls out the popcorn garland and starts to snack on it. “Boy, I’m getting a little hungry, I love these popcorn garlands. Want some?”

“No thanks! We really need to find this widget. Time is running out!” cried the Cosmic Kid.

“We’ll find that widget if it’s the last thing we do!” exclaimed Super Secret.

Will the case of the Missing Dodger-Bobber Widget ever get solved? Will it be the last thing the Mighty Duo ever does? Check back next week kiddo’s to see if Santa's sleigh will be able to dodge and bob around obstacles.

Same Super Secret Time! Same Super Secret Place!

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