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Friday October 15, 2021    

Sponge Painted Snowman

[Sponge Painted Snowman]
Kids 5 and under love to get creative with different painting techniques. Painting with sponges is a simple and fun way to explore basic shapes to paint and cut out.

Get creative with this cute and easy winter art project to keep kids busy during the holiday season.

All crafting activities should be supervised by a grown up.
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[Sponge Painted Snowman]
Directions to make Sponge Painted Snowman:
1. Trim your used sponge to create a round shape.

[Sponge Painted Snowman]
2. Place your white poster paint onto the paint palette.

[Sponge Painted Snowman]
3. Dip your sponge onto the white poster paint and press it onto the paper. Repeat step until you create a small circle for the Snowman’s head.

[Sponge Painted Snowman]
4. Do the same step to create the Snowman’s body. This time, create a bigger circle connecting from the small circle. Leave the paint to dry.

[Sponge Painted Snowman]
5. Using your colored papers, cut out different shapes for the Snowman’s body parts. Cut two twig hands using a brown colored paper, cut one small triangle using the orange colored paper for the nose, and cut out three rectangular shapes using either green or yellow colored paper for the scarf. You can actually use any colors you'd like so be creative.

[Sponge Painted Snowman]
6. Assemble the scarf by overlapping the two rectangles together and glue it at the back of the remaining rectangle.

[Sponge Painted Snowman]
7. Glue the cutouts onto the snowman’s body.

[Sponge Painted Snowman]
8. Draw the snowman’s eyes and mouth using a black marker. If you want, you can also draw a hat or cut one out and glue that too. When you're all done, be sure to hang your masterpiece on the 'fridge!

[Sponge Painted Snowman]
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