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Wednesday August 05, 2020    

Little Life Lessons

Good Skills for the Year

[Little Life Lessons]

Hi there – I’m Professor Ellie Elf, reporting once again from my classroom at Santa’s School of Wonders. Today is the last Saturday before Christmas and this is usually a very exciting time at our school. It’s graduation day, when we decorate the classroom, eat lots of yummy treats, and have our yearly graduation celebration. Yet, today all of my students are missing!

Every elf looks forward to our school graduation party. All elves get “Santa Certificates” to show what new skills they have achieved. Elf students who worked especially hard and were helpful to others all year get awards and Santa medals. With the fun we usually have, the quiet in the hallways is really strange!

[by Professor Ellie Elf]

Why is my classroom so quiet today? Well, it has to do with a very important elf decision. This year Santa let the elves decide when to have Christmas. Really! He said we could make Christmas start one day later so we could still graduate or we could move graduation to another day and have Christmas on time. We all decided together to work today instead of going to school. As for graduation, we will just have it next week.

I’m so proud of our elves for choosing to help Christmas happen on time. Now, before I go, I want to pass on some lessons to help you celebrate Christmas and help you stay on Santa's "Nice List" next year:

  • Christmas time can be a really busy time for adults. So, show lots of patience and make sure you do all you can to help. Santa really notices when kids are good helpers.
  • On Christmas day (and all year round) don’t forget to say please and thank you. Those little words can make someone else smile.
  • Kindness to others is truly the best gift you can give. Be kind and generous all year round and you will be surprised to see how many people are kind and generous with you.
I hope you enjoyed our classes this year. I’ll be thinking of you all when we get back to school next month and start working on more Christmas projects. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Welcome to the closing ceremonies of the Reindeer Games.
Amazing! This whole place is filled with cheese. I wonder where that tiny mouse is?

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