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Tuesday September 29, 2020    


Could it be You?


Every Christmas I end up thinking that it’s been the busiest one yet. Guess what I’m thinking today? You guessed it…

This Christmas has been the busiest one yet. No, honestly. It has!

It’s getting near to the end of a chock-a-blockful four weeks of travelling, tasting and tons of terrific tasks. I’ve seen so many good deeds from you all, that I’m overwhelmed. Yesterday, I managed to zip down to Brazil, where I saw a great little lad, Luis, cook dinner for his mom who has the ‘flu. The meatballs were luke warm and there were more lumps in his sauce than a two-day old rice pudding, but it’s the thought that counts when it comes to Terrific Tasks. Little Luis certainly has the Xtra Good Factor.

It seems that this year a lot of things are being stopped… For example, exit signs – they’re on the way out (get it?!!!) and then there’s Advent calendars – their days are numbered. Those are my two jokes out of the way for this week’s column!

[by Toomer Elf]

On to more serious matters…

You may have read about the announcement of ‘Elf of the Season’. I’ve had a word in Santa’s rosy ear and he’s agreed to award ‘Terrific Tasker of the Season’ to the child who has been the most thoughtful, the kindest and considerate.

Could it be you? Here’s how I’m going to judge it:

- From now through midnight on Christmas Eve, my special TTT (Terrific Task Team) will be visiting you all and sending me reports on the good deeds you’ve been doing.

- When I’ve decided on the person who has been the most thoughtful (without doing it for money or reward), I’ll tell Santa.

- The winner will get then a year’s worth of pat-on-the-backs, one large ‘For Your A Jolly Good Fellow’ and a jar full of ‘I-feel-good-about-myself-ness’. As well as a special visit from Mr Claus of course.

Talking of Santa, I suppose I’d better get back to work… If I don’t see you before the 25th, let me wish you and yours a very happy Christmas, New Year and everything in between. Take a little time to be considerate and remember the meaning behind the date.

Wow, have we been busy here at the North Pole Times. Thanks to one of the South Pole scientists, I finally got my sleigh fixed and flying at the right speed. So this week, I’m heading to Italy.
Amazing! This whole place is filled with cheese. I wonder where that tiny mouse is?

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