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Tuesday Jun 18, 2024    
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Holiday Sweets & Treats

A warm and bubbly holiday treat from back in the day. Serve with a scoop of ice cream or just by itself.

This Crock Pot Candy just might be the ultimate holiday treat! Not only is it easy to make, it's really delicious and a great treat to share for Christmas 

Here's a recipe from our very own Ali Elf. This is sure to please.

Here's a fun treat that all the Elves like to make for dessert.

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You've heard of the "Los Angles Times" and the "New York Times", now you can enjoy the new "North Pole Times!" For 29 years, the North Pole Times has kept kids updated on all the news at Santa's Village at the North Pole. This very successful format offers a different approach to holiday web sites by offering up-to-date information EVERY day from Thanksgiving through December 26th.

Could something develop that might hinder Christmas this year? Perhaps a breakdown in Santa's toy factory? Maybe the reindeer turn ill because they didn't eat their vegetables. Or maybe Santa himself catches a cold because he didn't dress right for the weather. The North Pole Times will keep you informed while subtly reminding the kids of some of the basics of growing up.

Join Elvin Elf, Waldo Elf, Eugene Elf and Jiller Elf as they bring to you a daily update of what's happening at The North Pole. Every day from Thanksgiving through December 26, you and your children will keep informed of North Pole happenings. Written by award winning producer Brian Pienkoski, The North Pole Times is a wonderful learning tool encouraging your children to read. From the reindeer games, to the BIG day, The North Pole Times is Santa's "Official Newsletter"(sm).

Follow ALL the stories behind the scenes, see what Santa and the elves are up to on a daily basis. Let the excitement begin, don't let a day go by... The North Pole Times is now a Holiday Tradition!

PS: In case you were concerned, we at the North Pole Times are SURE everything will turn out right this Christmas and the holiday will proceed without a hitch.

Timbo Elf keeps kids updated on how the reindeer prepare for the "Big Night" by competing in Olympic-style Games.
Runs daily beginning the Monday following Thanksgiving.
(*Importance of physical activity)
Toomer Elf travels the globe to report on the good deeds he sees kids doing during the holidays. This helps Santa with the Naughty & Nice List.
Runs every Tuesday during the season.
(*Helping others)
Eddie Elf's famous editorials offers a glimpse into how the elves at the North Pole feel about Christmas.
Runs every Wednesday during the season.
(*Writing / Positivity)
Franny Elf flies around the world and reports on how different cultures celebrate the Christmas season.
Runs every Friday during the season.
(*Culture / Travel)
Professor Ellie Elf, the Headmaster at the Elf school, helps kids understand the importantance school.
Runs every Saturday during the season.
(*School / Fun Lessons / Anti-bullying)
Super Secret Sundays with Super Secret Jack Spinner the Specialized Sleuth and his Mighty Sidekick Zachary the Kosmic Kid. Long title; puzzling results. We'd tell you more but... it's a secret!
Runs every Sunday during the season.
(*Mystery / Problem solving)
Holiday treats for the whole family! Now you can look right into Mrs. Claus' cookbook to see what she prepares for Santa and all the elves. Find the secret to baking Santa's Favorite Cookies! (Be sure to leave a few on Christmas Eve.) Perhaps a traditional English Holiday Pudding strikes your fancy or some festive appetizers for your holiday party. Not just for kids... grown ups will like this too!

Give your child a special treat this holiday season. Have them send an email message to Santa and see their eyes light up 24 hours later when Santa replies knowing exactly what he/she wants for Christmas! Simply enter your child's Christmas list on the form at the "Post Office" (one item minimum), personalize it with your child's FIRST name (optional), and enter the return e-mail address where your child will receive their SECRET PASSCODE.

The return message will be available at Santa's Post Office 24 hours later.

(We believe an instant response takes away from the authenticity. Besides, with all the children in the world, how can Santa respond so quickly? He keeps pretty busy up here at the North Pole.)

Simply have your child log in using the passcode sent to the email address you provided. If you choose, it will be personalized with the child's first name and include their Christmas list within the body of the message. Each child will receive a random e-mail message from Santa.

If you decide NOT to enter your child's first name, no worries... Santa will still reply.

If Santa receives more than one request from the same child name at the same e-mail address, a message from Mrs. Claus will appear explaining that Santa already received the email and how busy he is replying to all the e-mail messages from all the children around the world. She will let the child know to come back tomorrow (24 hours later) to get Santa's response.

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This is JUST PLAIN FUN! Adorable DIY Christmas crafts to make, pictures to color, games to play and more! There are word search and crossword puzzles, mazes to navigate as well as a Super Secret Decoder for the little detectives in your group. The kids will enjoy keeping busy with this holiday fun, and you may just enjoy the fact that they are!
Here's one everyone will get a kick out of. Santa's List allows your child to see whether she/he has been Naughty or Nice! But don't worry, although there is always a little room for improvement, Santa believes EVERYONE on his list is Nice. Be careful though... you too are on Santa's list! Take a look.
Any and All personally identifiable information collected by this site is not shared with any third party for any reason. It is used strictly for the purpose of making the use of the site more enjoyable.
Please visit our Privacy Statement to review our commitment to Privacy and Safe Surfing for children.
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