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Monday June 01, 2020    

Santa’s Investigative Team Continues Search

The Mighty Duo follows lead to Who-ja-ma-whats-it

[Santa’s Investigative Team Continues Search]

EDITORS NOTE: The missing Dodger-Bobber Widget is a big concern for Santa. It’s a very important part of the sleigh. It doesn’t dodge bobbers, it helps the sleigh to dodge and bob around obstacles during Santa’s Christmas Eve flight. Without it, Santa will need to slow down considerably to avoid crashing, which may cause Christmas to run late this year.

Alright, Kids, it’s another Secret Sunday, and we’re back on the case of the missing Dodger-Bobber Widget! Did you all come up with any ideas? Super Secret Jack Spinner the Specialized Sleuth and his Mighty Sidekick Zachery the Cosmic Kid are at the Famous Who-ja-ma-whats-it Skating Rink & Ice Cream Arena to search for more clues about the missing Dodger-Bobber Widget. This is the location where the Reindeer Games are held every year.

“Cosmic Kid, I have a Super idea!” shouts Super Secret. “You, you do…” the Cosmic Kid responds looking shocked and confused. “Why of course!” shouts Super Secret. “We should check the Ice Cream Arena; I bet we can find some clues there!” “Well okay, if you think so.” says the Cosmic Kid. They both head over to the Ice Cream Arena to start poking around. Super Secret starts digging his hands in all the ice cream tubs to see if the Dodger-Bobber Widget is in them. The Cosmic Kid notices that Super Secret is smiling and licking his fingers every time he pulls his hand out of the tubs.

“Super Secret?” the Cosmic Kid says in a monotone voice as he sighs and rolls his eyes. “While you’re busy eating the ice cream, I mean checking the ice cream for the missing widget, I’m gonna head over to the Skating Rink to look for some real clues.”

“Take your time Cosmic Kid; I’m sure I’ll find something in the Rocky Road!”

“Yep, I’m sure you’ll find a bunch of nuts and marshmallows.” the Cosmic Kid sarcastically replies.

On the way to the Who-ja-ma-whats-it Skating Rink, the Cosmic Kid dives and searches in the snow banks. At the Rink, he looks in pairs of ice skates, under chairs, in the booths and realizes he won’t find the Dodger-Bobber Widget there. He turns around to see Super Secret headed his way and runs to meet him. “Cosmic Kid! Let’s check the polar bear dens. Maybe they found the widget and brought it to their den!” “Di, did you say po, po, polar bear den?” stuttered a wide-eyed Cosmic Kid. “Yeah, c’mon let’s go!” said Super Secret running ahead.

When they reached the den, they hesitated before entering. They tip toed on the soft snow so as not to disturb the den’s inhabitants. They both let out sighs of relief when they saw it was empty. They decided to quickly check for the missing widget before the bears returned to find their next meal invading their space. Once they finished searching, they felt eyes on them. They turned around and saw a couple of salivating wolves. They looked at each other and scrambled out in a hurry like marathon runners. When they reached a safe space, they both looked up in the sky breathing heavily.

[by Super Secret Jack Spinner]

“Whew!” sighed Super Secret! That was pretty scary. While looking up Super Secret cocked his head and said “I have an idea! I can check the top of the tree. The widget could have fallen off and got caught up there while Santa was on a test run!” The Cosmic Kid shook his head and looked at Super Secret who had already started to climb the tall tree. When he reached the top he looked to the left and to the right and saw nothing, but all of a sudden he heard a crack. “Uh oh!” yelped Super Secret as he comes crashing down the tree breaking every branch along the way ending up face-first in the snow. A giggling Cosmic Kid drops to his knees and whispers in Super Secret’s ear, "Perhaps Santa broke off the widget due to a hard landing... like the one you just had, Tee-hee."

"That's it! I knew it all along! It broke off!" yelled Super Secret. The Cosmic Kid again suggests, “Shouldn’t we check in with Gizmo Elf? After all, he IS the one who invented and maintains it. He MUST know where it is.” Super Secret looks at the Cosmic Kid, and pats him on the head and kindly brushes his idea off…again.

Now, they’re on their way to the Famous Who-ja-ma-whats-it Testing Grounds to see if the widget has fallen off there. They immediately start searching the rooftops and looking down chimneys.

Will they find it? Could the important Dodger-Bobber Widget break off and be laying on a rooftop somewhere? Check back next Sunday for another Super Secret search. ONLY on the North Pole Times! Same Super Secret Time! Same Super Secret Place!

Every Christmas I end up thinking that it’s been the busiest one yet. Guess what I’m thinking today? You guessed it.
All season long, I've been inspired by Christmas carols and other songs that are piped into the toyshop at the North Pole and the North Pole Times newsroom.
Wow, have we been busy here at the North Pole Times. Thanks to one of the South Pole scientists, I finally got my sleigh fixed and flying at the right speed. So this week, I’m heading to Italy.

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