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Wednesday June 26, 2019    

Santa's Elves Ready to Report

World Renown Elves Excited for New Season

by Elvin Elf

[Santa's Elves Ready to Report]

Readers of the North Pole Times—Santa’s #1 News Source—are in for another treat again this year. We’ve got another great lineup featuring the best reporters at Santa’s Village at the North Pole.

Beginning Tuesday, Toomer Elf will report on the good deeds children around the world take part in on his weekly column, Terrific Task Tuesdays. “I travel the world and report directly back to Santa,” he states. “I’m hoping my readers will see how easy it is to get on the Nice List.”

Starting wEDnesday, EDdie Elf will share some of his special holiday memories on EDitorials. From Christmas’s long ago to now, EDdie is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. [by Elvin Elf] Friday’s are all about Franny! Learn how different cultures celebrate Christmas from different countries around the world. Did you know that it’s summertime in some countries during the holidays? Franny will explain on her Fly-About Franny Friday’s - EVERY Friday – right here on the North Pole Times!

Not many kids are thinking about school during Christmas, but all the elves are. Professor Ellie Elf see’s to that. She teaches the elves how to do things like make toys, wrap presents, write story books and a whole bunch of other really neat stuff on her weekly Saturday School of Wonders EVERY Saturday throughout the holiday season. Stop in to see what she’s up to this year.

Mysteries abound on Super Secret Sunday’s. The only non-elves allowed at the North Pole are Super Secret Jack Spinner the Specialized Sleuth and his Mighty Sidekick Zachery the Cosmic Kid. Typically, the mighty duo is able to solve the most challenging Christmas mysteries. Will they be able to solve this year’s mystery? Stop in Sunday, and EVERY Sunday to keep update. That's Super Secret Sundays with Super Secret Jack Spinner the Specialized Sleuth and his Mighty Sidekick Zachery the Cosmic Kid! Same super secret time. Same super secret place.

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