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Sunday August 09, 2020    

Secret Santa or Secret FOR Santa?

Little Elf Can't Keep a Secret

[Secret Santa or Secret FOR Santa?]

Gizmo Elf is Santa's Chief Inventor Elf. He's invented many things that have made life at the North Pole much better. His greatest invention is the Appendapulator, the great Toy-making machine of the North Pole. Without it, the elves would have a much harder time making all the remote-control and computer games that so many children want.

Waldo Elf found out what Gizmo's next big invention is. Gizmo made Waldo promise not to tell anyone. But Waldo's not a very good secret-keeper. That's why Waldo and Santa were standing in front of Gizmo's new secret invention.

"Ho ho ho!" cried Santa. "It's a spaceship! Why did Gizmo invent this?"

"He said you would need it to deliver presents to people on the International Space Station" said Waldo.

Santa looked thoughtful. "I hadn't thought about that! That's a good point!" he walked up to the entrance hatch. "This must be where I would get in..."

"Really?" said Waldo. "Let's see what it looks like inside!" and the Little Elf bounded into the ship.

"Waldo! Wait!" called Santa. "I better go in there to make sure he doesn't get into trouble."

"Wow!" said Waldo. This is really neat! It looks just like a spaceship in here!"

"That's because it is a spaceship!" said Santa. "Now let's go back out and find Gizmo. Don't touch anything. You don't know what any of these buttons do."

[by Elvin Elf] "Well, I'm guessing that this button labeled 'UP' will open the hatch up!" said Waldo, and he pressed the button.

There was a rumbling, then a mighty roar, and the spaceship started to take off!

"Ho ho--oh, no!" shouted Santa. "Waldo! I think you've launched us into space!"

What has Waldo done now? Keep reading The North Pole Times to find out!


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