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Monday July 13, 2020    

Lost Ring or Bad Deed?

Flemspackle Finds Flying Caribou Curious

[Lost Ring or Bad Deed?]

After checking that Ajax and Scooby were all right (see yesterday's North Pole Times for the details. -ed.) , Santa led Bernard, Holly, Ali, and his guests back to his office. At the edge of the barn, though, Dolores Flemspackle stopped, and looked around. "Oh, dear!" she said, I seem to have lost one of my rings! Perhaps I should go back inside and see if I can find it!"

"We'll all help you look, Mrs. Flemspackle!" said Bernard Elf. "Especially Holly--she's got the best eyesight of all the elves!"

"That's why I'm the Santa Spotter!" Holly Elf said proudly.

[by Jiller Elf]

"Oh, no...that's quite all right," said Dolores, waving them away. "You all can go back, and I'll catch up with you later."

Phil Flemspackle was already kicking the ground around his mother, hoping to bring the missing jewelry into view. "You know, Mom, I don't remember you wearing any rings today...ow!"

"I'm sorry, did I accidently step on your foot?" said Dolores oh-so-sweetly. "Clumsy me. Perhaps you should just go back with the others and leave me here."

"I should? Oh. Ohhh. Yes, yes we should all go back and let my mom look for herself." said Phil, hurrying the group back to Santa's office.

When the others had gone, Dolores stopped pretending to look for a ring and went back inside the stables.

What's going on? What does Dolores Flemspackle want in the stable? Find out tomorrow in the North Pole Times!


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