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Wednesday September 23, 2020    

Super Secret and Kosmic Kid Trapped?

A Cheesy Maze to Answers

[Super Secret and Kosmic Kid Trapped?]

Last time on Super Secret Sunday… That tiny little mouse that tied us up and took our Super Secret Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe, went into that really, really, really tiny hole in the wall… 1… hey, hey, I know what I am doing. I have a plan. I am going to get that Super Secret Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe back. 2… “You’re going to want to think this one through…” THUNK!!! All right, maybe I didn’t think this one through. Just because my head is now stuck inside a tiny mouse hole, does not mean that my plan didn’t work… Monty takes off his Mountie hat and reaches inside to pull out magical shrinking drops… "WHIRLY, WHIRLY, WHIRLY, WHIRLY!!!"

Now part THREE of the case of the Super Secret Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe…

WOW!!! We are so small. Monty the Mountie made us so…TINY! What a great echo! And, this tiny mouse hole is not so… tiny. It’s really elaborate and there is a ton of different ways to go, it’s just one big, gigantic, enormous…MAZE! I wonder which way we’re suppose to go. “ HEY! Super Secret Jack I found some clues that may help us chose a path,” said the Kosmic Kid. Okay what are they? “In one path I found a very tiny candy cane, and on the other path I found a tiny piece of cheese and a very tiny shoe. These are very, very interesting clues,” says Kosmic Kid. Yes, yes those are interesting clues. I am going to need a little bit of help figuring out which path to take. So I am going to need everyone at home to help me figure it out and find the tiny mouse that took our Super Secret Christmas Sugar Cookie recipe. OK, so let’s examine. If I were a mouse, what would I eat? Would I eat the delicious candy cane, or a delicious piece of cheese? And if I were eating a delicious piece of cheese, would I be enjoying that cheese while wearing tiny, little shoes? These are both good questions, and now I am getting kind of hungry.

GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE! We better figure this out quick so I can feed my stomach too! I am going to need you to lead the vote on this one Kosmic Kid, let’s ask everyone at home. “If you were a mouse, what would you eat? The delicious, teensy, weensy candy cane? Or a delicious piece of cheese while wearing tiny shoes?” asked the Kosmic Kid. “OK, everybody shout out your answer…”

CHEESE!!!! [by Super Secret Jack Spinner]

Great work everybody for choosing the path of cheesiness! Now, on to more important matters, I knew that mouse would try and trick us with a delicious teensy weensy candy cane. So just for that, I am eating it, and it will be good! OK, let’s go down the path of cheesiness. Let’s go Kosmic Kid!


Oh no, something has happened, and I would love to tell you, but I can’t. Because it’s a Secret! “We have fallen through a trap door, and we’re falling at a very fast rate! Looks like the mouse had a trap waiting for us because he knew we would pick the path of cheesiness,” yells the Kosmic Kid. HEY! Did I not just say this was a secret? Cliffhangers are cliffhangers for a reason. We want them to tune in ne……………

Will Super Secret Jack Spinner and the Kosmic Kid catch the mouse? Will they land safely from their fall through the trap door? Join us next week for the CONCLUSION of the Case of the Missing “Super Secret Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe”. Same North Pole time, same North Pole place - ONLY in The North Pole Times!

Every Christmas I end up thinking that it’s been the busiest one yet. Guess what I’m thinking today? You guessed it.
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Wow, have we been busy here at the North Pole Times. Thanks to one of the South Pole scientists, I finally got my sleigh fixed and flying at the right speed. So this week, I’m heading to Italy.

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