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Wednesday June 26, 2019    

Smitty's Story

Wish List Watcher's Wonderful Job

by Smitty Elf

[Smitty's Story]
And why do they have to be French Hens?

Editors note: From time to time, The North Pole Times asks some of the more notable citizens of the North Pole to write a little bit about themselves as a public service to our readers. Today, Smitty Elf explains how he manages your wish lists!

When I first started this job, everybody wanted partriges. And pear trees. Those were easy to get, but the Lords A-leaping? They were hard to come by. Oh, and don't get me started on the Five Gold Rings!

But that was the old day! Today, everyone wants gizmos!, not gizmo as in Gizmo Elf. I mean gizmos like hand-held computer games, and tablets, and things that can play music, take pictures, steer your car, and pet your cat! Do you know how long it was before I realized that when you said you wanted these things for 'surfing' I was trying to find ones that were waterproof? Boy! I'm telling you: It was hard enough to get dolls that sleep and eat. I don't know how the Appendapulator does it!

[by Smitty Elf]

So that's why it's a good thing that that's not my job. I just do the wish lists! It's an important job, and that's why Santa gave it to me! I know how wishes work! For example, just yesterday, I got 34 wish lists that included a wish for "that thing that goes beep when you push it." Well, 24 of those wishes were for computer games, 9 of them were for toy bubble lawnmowers, and one was for a microwave oven. Can you imagine how disappointed the kids would be if I got some of those wishes mixed up?

That's why I'm here. I know kids get excited around Christmas...adults, too! And you can be sure that Santa knows the right wishes for each boy and girl on his list. That's because Smitty the Elf is on the job!

[The North Pole Times News Team]

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