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Thursday July 09, 2020    

Strange Sighting Baffles Santa

Santa and Holly Make a Discovery

[Strange Sighting Baffles Santa]

Many strange things have happened this holiday season. For one thing, The granddaughter of Ha'penny Elf stopped by for a visit. For another thing, it turns out she wanted to buy the Appenapulator. For a third thing, two of Santa's magical reindeer--Ajax, and his pregnant mate, Scooby--suddenly disappeared from the stable. For a fourth, it seems that the reindeer had been kidnapped by an abominable snowman--better known as a Yeti. And a fifth strange thing was that it seemed that Waldo Elf was with them, and may have been kidnapped, too.

But if you took all those strange things and added them up, they would still be less strange than what Santa Claus and his friend Holly Elf were looking at right now.

Santa and Holly were in the woods outside the North Pole searching for the missing reindeer (and Waldo). Holly has the best eyesight of all the elves--She's the Chief Santa Spotter--so Santa brought her along.

But even the Elf with the worst eyesight (and that, by the way would be an Elf named Jeanette, whose eyesight isn't all that bad, but still needs glasses to read) would be able to see how strange a thing it was in front of them.

Santa and Holly stared. They blinked. They stared some more. The realized that there mouths were hanging open, and shut them. But as they shut their mouths, they were still staring.

[by Eugene Elf]

Santa spoke first. "It looks like it's a Yeti."

Holly said, "It looks like it's a Yeti that's dancing."

Then Santa said, "It looks like it's a Yeti that's dancing and wearing a hat."

Finally Holly said. "It looks like it's a Yeti that's dancing and wearing Dolores Flemspackle's hat."

The reason why it looked like a Yeti was dancing around wearing Dolores Flemspackle's hat, was because that's exactly what was happening in front of them. Why was the Yeti doing this? Keep reading The North Pole Times to find out!


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