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Wednesday June 26, 2019    

Talent Troubles!

Common Carol Cancels Contestants

by Jiller Elf

[Talent Troubles!]

The North Pole was buzzing with excitement today--well, since Elves live at the North Pole, it buzzes with excitement every day--but today's excitement involved the first annual North Pole's Got Talent contest! The judges for the event were Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Bernard Elf, who said he would need to be a judge because he's the most important Elf at the North Pole, but all the other Elves knew it was because he didn't like the sound of his singing voice.

"Wow, this place is buzzing with excitement!" said Allie Elf.

"We've already covered that. Let's move on," said Holly Elf.

"I counted, and we have one hundred and seventeen contestants who want to win the contest," said Adamup Elf, "including me!"

"I'm signed up, too," said Allie. "I'm going to sing my favorite Christmas song!"

"That's what I'm going to sing, too!" said Holly.

"Why are you singing my favorite Christmas song?" asked Allie.

"No! Not your favorite Christmas, song!" said Holly, "mine! I'm going to sing 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town!"

"Hey! That is my favorite Christmas Song!" said Allie.

"Mine too!" said Adamup. "It's what I'm going to sing as well. I wonder if anyone else is singing it?"

[by Jiller Elf] At the judges table, Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Bernard Elf were looking over he lists of contestants, and what they were planning on singing.

"Hmmm," said Santa. "Allie, Holly and Adamup Elf are all planning on singing 'Santa Claus is Coming to town?" then turned the page. "As are Chipper, Smitty, and Toby Elf."

"Oh, look!" said Mrs. Claus. "Gizmo, Twinkle, and Louis Elf are also singing 'Santa Claus is Coming to town!'"

Bernard was shuffling through the list. "Wow! I haven't found an Elf yet who's not planning on singing it!"

"Great," muttered Santa. "That may be my least favorite song."

"Why?" asked Mrs. Claus. "I think it's a lovely tune!"

"Oh, it's a pretty song all right, but some of the lyrics bother me." Santa began to sing. "He sees you when you're sleeping!/He knows if you're awake!"

"But it's true!" said Bernard.

"I know," said Santa. "But--but--it makes me sound like I'm some sort of spy! I'm not a spy! I'm Father Christmas!" He put down the list and addressed the crowd. "I'm making a decision: Anyone singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" is disqualified due to redundancy!"

"What's 'redundancy' mean?" asked Toby Elf.

"I think it means he doesn't like the song," said Chipper Elf.

"Well, boss, you've sure cut down the competition!" said Bernard Elf. "There's only two Elves who were not going to sing this song: Timbo's cousin Teema Elf, and...Waldo!"

This is an unusual development! What will Waldo sing? Keep reading The North Pole Times to find out!

[The North Pole Times News Team]

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