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Wednesday August 05, 2020    

Sweets vs Veggies

Mrs. Claus: Sweets, Treats Not Good Eats

[Sweets vs Veggies]

The Elf world was rocked today by a special announcement by Mrs. Claus. Santa's wife has been running operations at the North Pole while Gizmo Elf works on rescuing Santa from orbit.

"I know you've all been working here at the North Pole for quite some time," Mrs. Claus said to the elves. "And you've always done a good job of making toys for children. This year, we've asked you to work even harder than ever!"

[by Elvin Elf] The elves (who like nothing better than working hard) cheered at this.

"But we've noticed that shortly after you have a snack, your energy drops. You all seem tired and listless. We--that is, Jiller Elf and I--think that this might have something to do with the food you eat." Mrs. Claus showed the elves a tray full of candies and cakes. The elves cheered again.

"All this sugar gives you energy--but then you get very tired right away. We believe that if we change your diet to this--" Mrs. Claus showed them a different tray, filled with fruits and vegetables. "--you'll feel much better. And if you feel better, you'll work better!" Mrs. Claus smiled at the elves. The elves did not smile back. Mrs. Claus smiled a little less.

"Um...so, I have decided to replace all sugary snacks at the North Pole with fruits and vegetables, starting right now. Merry Christmas!"

Will the elves like the new change? Will they give up their snacks? Keep reading The North Pole Times to find out!


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