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Sunday September 27, 2020    

E-Mail for the Missus

Note from Santa Gives Mrs. Claus Hope!

[E-Mail for the Missus]

Bernard Elf handed Mrs. Claus a piece of paper. "You got an e-mail from Santa, Mrs. C," he said. "You really ought to check your emails more!"

This has been a tough time for everyone at the North Pole. Santa is stuck in orbit, the Elves are on strike, and the Abominable Snowmen who came in to make toys are breaking more than they make! So, the letter from Santa was a welcome sight!

Mrs Claus quickly read the note. As she did, a smile spread across her face.

"What's it say, Mrs. Claus?" asked Jiller Elf.

[by Elvin Elf] "That dear man." replied Mrs. Claus, "gave me a solution!" She began to read from the letter: "You're right about the elves, dear. They do eat too many sweets! I've been trying to get them to change their diet for quite some time now, with no success!"

"Yep he's mentioned that to me many times," said Bernard.

"Shush!" said Jiller. "I want to hear what he wrote!"

Mrs. Claus continued. "But you can't keep them from eating candy forever--after all, they are elves! So rather than keeping them from ever having candy or cake, why not give it to them at the end of the meal?"

She looked at the three elves in the room with her. "Well, what do you think? Would this work?

Toby smiled. "I'll bring it up with the elves on strike, but I'll bet it will! They're really unhappy out there--they just love to make toys!"

Will the elves agree to this new diet? Will they go back to making toys? Will they make enough toys by Christmas? Keep reading The North Pole Times to find out!


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