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Sunday August 09, 2020    

Holiday Napkin Rings

photo by craftbits
[Holiday Napkin Rings]

Wrapping paper
Small jewels, sequences, buttons, glitter etc..
Newspaper cut into strips
Paint brushes
Toilet roll tube

You must make the rings solid so we need to apply newspaper with glue just as you would make paper mache. Glue the strips of news paper to the out side of the whole toilet roll tube and continue until you have covered it with at least 3 layers. Leave to dry over night.

Cut the tube in half to make 2 rings. Now you can begin to decorate them.

Depending on what time of the year it is you can apply any design. Here are a few ideas.

Paint the rings green or wrap in wrapping paper.

You could use a glitter pen to apply glitter to them.

Draw a Santa Claus on a piece of card color him in and glue him to the front of your painted ring. You could do a few of these drawing a, snowman, Christmas tree or reindeers.

Wrap tinsel around the rings and tape the ends together.

Valentines Day
Cover the rings in red velvet and sprinkle a little glitter on.

Paint the rings gold and paint red hearts on to them.

Draw a heart onto card, color it in and glue to the front of your painted ring.

Glue small jewels onto your rings and sprinkle glitter over the top while the glue is still wet.

Paint the rings in nice bright colous.

Paint some small pebbles to look like Easter eggs, leave to dry then glue them to your rings.

Draw a Easter bunny on a piece of card, color it in and glue it onto your ring.

Make some ghosts using white crepe paper and glue them to your rings.

Paint the rings black and use white paint to draw on some cob webs or alternatively you could use some string.

Draw some spiders, ghosts, pumpkins, any thing Halloween on some card and glue them onto the rings.

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